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    Thank you for your interest in “Caesar’s Messiah

    Below is a free report written by joseph Atwill, the author of “Caesar’s Messiah”, which reveals the true Identity of Jesus Christ.

    The most important discovery presented in my book “Caesar’s Messiah is that Jesus Christ is a composite fictional literary character and not a historical person. In Greek-the language in which the Gospels were original written-Jesus mean Savior and Christ means the Messiah, and the title of Christ was already familiar to Jews (Being applied to King David, Cyrus etal), long before the supposed time of Jesus. Further, there’s never been any archaeological evidence of Jesus Christ that had ever been discovered-the only way we really know about this individual is through the Gospels=which in Greek means Good news of military victory.

    Though the Gospels seem to be a history they are actually anti-History of the true military-messianic movement of the Maccabee’s and their offshoots of the Zealots and Sicari gangs that fought and lost to Rome. The Gospels are written in the style of a genre of fictional literature called Typology. Typology is simply creating stories by basing one character upon another character from a different time, place and story-much like an archetype but the keystone to the arch of the deception is Titus. Once someone understands that the Gospels are Typological literature, it is easy to see that virtually every episode of Jesus ministry was based upon events that occurred during the Roman Caesar Titus’s military campaign through Judea.

    The typology linking Jesus to Titus in the gospels is not especially hard to spot and the fact that it has been overlooked for 2,000 years is inexplicable. A blind man could see Flavius Josephus’s War of the Jews and the Gospels as DNA related like a father to a son. This oversight is particularly strange in that the Gospels set up a direct connection between Jesus and Titus with prophecies concerning the Son of Man.

    While Christians believe that the character in the Gospels was divine, this is not what Jesus Christ actually claimed. Jesus never said that he was the Messiah, and in fact went out of his way to avoid saying so. Jesus stated that the “Son of Man”-a title for the Jewish messiah that comes from the prophecies of Daniel-would come before the generation he spoke passed away. Since Jews of this era saw a generation as lasting forty years, what Jesus was claiming was that the Son of Man would appear within forty years from the date of his death on Passover 33CE. Jesus also made clear predictions as to what would happen when the Son of Man came. He prophesied that during the Son of man’s visitation Galilean towns would be destroyed, Jerusalem would be encircled with a wall, and the Temple would be razed.

    In trying to make sense out of what Jesus said, Christians have interpreted this visitation by the Son of Man as the “second coming of Jesus Christ. But there is a major problem with this belief-Jesus didn’t show up within the time span he predicted. Christians have tried to get around this problem by claiming that Jesus would come sometime in the future, but this clearly illogical. Jesus was very precise that the Son of Man would come within forty years from his ministry. So who was the Son of Man that Jesus predicted and Christians have worshiped for 2,000 years? The true name of the Christ the Messiah –is Titus Flavius.

    The only person in history who accomplished the predictions that Jesus made concerning the Son of Man-and he did it precisely within the given time frame-was Titus Flavius. So the Gospels is nothing but a parody, satire of the military events in Flavius Josephus work War of the Jews. Titus did destroy the very Galilean towns Jesus predicted. He did encircle Jerusalem with a wall and he razed the Temple exactly as Jesus foresaw, leaving “not one stone atop the other”.

    In fact, Titus campaign ended with the destruction of Masada on Passover 73CE, exactly forty years from Jesus crucifixion. Moreover, Jesus predictions concerning the Son of Man were echoed by all of Titus court historians. Each one maintained that Titus was the Christ, the Messiah which the prophecies in Jewish literature foresaw-the same prophecies Jesus cited in his predictions about the coming of the Son of Man.

    In light of all this, the discovery that all of the events of Jesus ministry were based upon Titus campaign should really not be surprising. Particular since the first Christian Pope and all of the first saints of Christianity were members of Titus imperial court. The Vatican headquarters were built upon the palace of the Flavians. What is surprising is that Christians and scholars have overlooked something as obvious as the fact that the Gospels proclaim the same thing that the Flavian imperial court historians did-that Titus is the Christ.

    So now you know the true identity of the Son of Man, one of Christianity’s top 5 secrets. If you want to know the true identity of the Jewish Messiah who was crucified on the cross-whose name was not Jesus (it was Simon Peter & or Eleazar)-I have devoted an entire chapter to this character in my book “Caesar’s Messiah”. I invite you to pick up a copy, and feel free to discuss these ideas with me on my Blog: