Black Sports : Introducing my man the Great Cincinnati Cobra, Ezzard Charles

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    "EZZARD CHARLES never weighed more than 200 pounds, but he was an outstanding heavyweight champion. Charles was undefeated as an amateur and won the 1939 AAU National middleweight title before turning pro in 1940.
    Many of Charles' early fights were against the world's top middleweight and light heavyweights. He defeated the likes Teddy Yarosz, Charley Burley and Joey Maxim and drew with Ken Overlin.

    After military service during World War II, Charles defeated Hall-of-Famer Archie Moore and avenged losses to Lloyd Marshall and Jimmy Bivins to earn a No. 2 ranking at light heavyweight in 1946. He fought five light heavyweight champions, beating four of them, but never challenged for the light heavyweight crown.

    Charles finally won the vacant NBA heavyweight title by defeating Jersey Joe Walcott in 1949. He earned worldwide recognition as heavyweight king the next year by decisioning an aged Joe Louis. After three successful defenses of the undisputed crown, he lost the title in a third battle with Walcott.

    After Walcott lost to Rocky Marciano, Charles challenged the Rock in two unforgettable fights. The first time Marciano retained the title on a close decision and, two months later, stopped Charles in the eighth round of a fight that was nearly stopped because Marciano's nose was split open."

    My man's record....feel me 96 Wins 25 Losses with 56 KO's
    and compared to other fighters in his era the number of fights Ezzard had was nothing.....another of my all time favorite fighters Archie Moore fought 229 fights with 194 wins 26 losses 8 draws and 141 KO's back then fighters were men and even before them the old school bare knuckle fighters were supermen...Jack Johnson and the like fighting upwards of 25 rounds..even the at that time true "Great White Hope" Jim Jefferies who once said he'd never fight a negro had to admit in an interview that he never thought he could beat Jack Johnson saying "I could never have whipped Johnson at my best, I couldn't have hit him. No, I couldn't have reached him in 1,000 years." ..anyway I'll have to get into some more boxing history later..sorry I got off Ezzard Charles.... but when it comes to boxing I often lose focus and bounce from fighter to fighter...time to go now I'm rambling for real...

    Mississippi Red
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    i heard about this guy but never really saw him fight or any clips on his style
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    A boxing historian...I love it!

    Ezzard Charles like many black fighters of that time, where denied title shots with white "champions" until they were past their primes...30s! However Charles is still considered to be maybe the greatest Lt. Heavy there ever was. He is the only man that the great Archie Moore could never beat! He also gave Rocky Marciano "hell" in their 2 fights....Ezzard was indeed the man.