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yeah, My mother taught me at young age to speak my mind and do not let anyone mistreat me, because she was never the type to speak up. I will let it be known as soon as it happens, I was not taught to hate people.

Simply fantastic Aarin, what a wonderful person you are, thanks to Mother's help also. Now make yourself at home here... you've earned it!

Hey, my name is Aarin and I joined just learn and develop my young mind, because I just don't know what to believe sometimes. I would love to have some good conversations with intellectual black people, because their are not many where I am from.

Hello and welcome, so you're from Forest City, NC huh? My...That is small,well pull up a chair and make yourself at home..ya wit famly now...:1on1:



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It's a lot going on and I know I have not been here for a long time but it is about to change.