The Front Porch : Intro

:hi: welcome to community:wave:
welcome to the house of love peace and respect
welcome to where you can inner act with like-mind brothers & sisters

While it's a great pleasure to have you aboard us and to step up and say
you willing to help in such movement , once the ground work is done
i'll be more then happy to bring you forth to the cause of us as a people.
you can follow us here on the link below.....theirs always room for help welcome again sister Angeline
:hello: Angeline ... Welcome Welcome Welcome ... :wave:

Thanks for joining us and sharing! I'm so glad you enjoyed OUR FIRST BLOGTALK SHOW EVER !!! :)


Maybe you can join us on the next show !!! :)

Bless your Sweet Heart at being the Single Mother of 2 Teen Daughters.

I'm inclined to encourage you to keep them both as close to you as possible.

You want them to hear your voice in their mind, over all others, when you are apart ... :)


They'll act like they can't stand it ... but pay them no mind ... :wink:

I'm sure they are beautiful young ladies ... keep them close.

Thanks again for joining us and please make yourself right at home, because you are.

Much Love and Peace.




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I saw you ... :yaay: ... Welcome Home! ... :flowers:
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