Black Poetry : Intoxicated and dedicated


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May 11, 2006
Intoxicated and dedicated

Try fix structures and mix cultures just to come with some
Ill Hip Hop and make lips drop to the beats on the streets
Got water to drink ready to slaughter with ink this keeps
Me busy can smell the swell vapor from my paper peeks
To the Heavens, rhymes unique and ill while other seek skills
Take freak pills for headache use my filled brains to amuse, thrill
And entertain, in life the facts ride, must act and decide
The best route and test out the road first try not to collide
With obstacles, try prevail hot but in the mailbox are strange
Notations had to change locations these dang bill collectors rearrange
Style of life through wild strife fall blank had to call the bank pathetic
Communion, contacted the credit union wanted to borrow some energetic
Cash that smell new but that fell through after a background check
Hated to look at myself as a whack clown wrecked but I am must correct
This turned a few door knobs got a hardcore job play cards must trust my deck //
from farm to cities stuff storms committees of whackness even cats
In FUBU fitties need some practice being a dumb actress don’t get you stats
Flows and wears bling dispose of rings by selling, go tto hussle with muscle
To survive and stay alive some cats say jive that don’t make have to tussle
With facts to find the truth as a blind youth need divine truth


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