Black Poetry : Into the Dragon's Lair......(Fantasy piece)


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Jun 19, 2005
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Into the Dragon's Lair
Into the Dragon's Lair
Into the Dragon's Lair

I stand alone in chains waiting for you to rescue me
Sent word through a Raven of my daring escape
Our adventures we both have shared
Every time your caught, I am there to help
"No hesitation"
I repeat
"No hesitation"
I've been burned, cut, beaten just to save you
Why do I feel I am to be a damsel in distress
I look at these chains made of strong metal
I'm a fighter no man made iron can keep me down
I thought about our battles we have fought
The love we made
And the many promises of forever being yours
You love me, but the emotions you never shown are questionable
Feeling the dragon's heated breathe upon my darken skin
Beads of sweat upon my face
And a tongue longing for water to quench
Feet tired from the long walk on their thorned trail
Bare, blistered as I walked along this darkened place
I imagine you on your horse hurrying to get to me
Hurry love before the Dragon awakes
You send the same Raven to let me know of your arrival
But still no you
Hours has past, and now night creeps in
I feel my life slipping away
No food, no water, no you
He stirs
I'm scared
He stirs again
No Raven
No you
The fire from his breathe is now hotter
Flames from his nostrils are burning
The chains have now settled into my skin
Bloods come rushing from my struggles
His movement is rapid
His breathing is more
His eyes are now open
My love why have you forsaken me?
Haven't I saved you from seeing the Angel of Death
Why must my fate be of death?
Our enemy has left me to devoured by this creature
The intense heat of the dragon's lair has caused me to hallucinate
The hallucination of another maiden
You lying there with her breast in your hands
And your lips upon hers
And the bare skin of hers upon yours
Tears begin to rush
How eyes redder than rubies
Her lips lined with poison
As you dranked from her esscence
I shook my head in disbelief
How could you just let me die?
How could you put my rescue on hold to lay with Jezebel?
I cursed her for decieving you
I cursed you for not fighting for us
D@mn you
D@mn her
Awaiting my fate as I stare now into the beast eyes
Saliva falling rapidly from his horned mouth
No Raven
No you
Will you let me die my love?
In the Dragon's Lair.................

copyright 2008


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