Black Poetry : Into The Arms Of Rap

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    into the arms of rap that's where its at buiding through the confusion in fusion
    got flames coming out my baseball cap I'm in need of a nap keep close to the doorway
    fresh rhymes I'm still on time you maybe brave see me at the arcade park my Benz in back
    folks tend to over react but I tip my hat got news for you all bridge the gap know what's up

    Chilling at the grill with my girl sporting heavy studs think that I'm in love you see
    there's brilliance in a piece mark the ege of my teeth stand still & repeat
    bars watching souped up body kit cars looking to the stars a view from Mars
    Pina Colada does anyone grow fond of Starsky & Hutch another push

    grasping with tender faith in my hand when will folks understand stick it to the man
    years have passed still having every reason to grasp the solitude in that I'm still in a good mood...
    Feeling high anxiety got folks sitting next to me living out my legacy of what I used to be
    Sipping my favorite sauce to the max you tend to over react got to stay in the zone

    Summer time boogy time get your cash and stand in line frozen in time
    Through a variation of a dream peeps do scream eating delicious ice cream
    Souped up high hat as if in a tempo taking you places that you need to go
    playing a little Spanish fly i got words by the fly your my favorite guy

    on my human side stand still I'm happily alive got to put first things first
    this is how i flirt got words for Lavert put back your gold in a purse
    Trump is getting busy but he makes me awful dizzy better listen to Thin Lizzy
    they say i'm institutionalized but I got words from the hive it's best to dream big