Destee Network : Interviewing director of Diary of a Tired Black Man Sun at 7pm eastern!

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    Well I suggest that you guys make room in your weekend schedules to check out this broadcast. Stop by this Sunday at 7pm eastern as Mr. Starks and I interview controversial director Tim Alexander regarding the recent DVD release of his film, Diary of A Tired Black Man. Is this the male version of Waiting To Exhale? Does the film's subject matter relate to Ann Coulter's assertions that Black female headed households are the root of most of the pathology witnessed in communities of color? And what about the Black man's complicity pertaining to this dysfunctionalism?

    Feel free to stop by as we discuss Mr. Alexander's film as we take callers and their questions at: 646-915-9620 (simultaneous email/IM contact [email protected]). This will also be an extended broadcast, so stick around to hear about Mr. Starks' experience regarding the unveiling (more specifically, the renaming) of Barack Obama Elementary School. The school holds the distinction of being the first in the US to be named in honor of this historic presidency. In addition, we will try to fit in the following: GOPAC chairman Michael Steele's own historic achievement, Etta Vs Obama & Beyonce and more hip hop minstrel foolishness. And the drill remains the same-Be There and Be square-Excelsior brethren!
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