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    Grow It, by Chicoro has been out since 2009, and continues to be a must have handbook for those looking for practical advice for growing out healthy natural hair. Chicoro lays out a step by step routine that deals with uneven hair growth, thin ends, and "hair jump." Yes, I said "hair jump."

    Chicoro deals with the amazing quality of afro curly hair to jump from waist to neck length with its curly springy abilities. Others call this shrinkage, but Chicoro really discusses the phenomenon of natural hair reminding us how truly unique our hair is.

    Graciously, Chicoro agreed to talk about her book, upcoming projects and how to grow our beautiful natural hair healthy.

    NH Grows: 1. The introduction of Grow It just hit me so hard because I really felt your disappointment with your hair when you secretly held a clump of it in your hand during class. What would you tell someone who may be dealing with hair breakage or hair loss similar to what you went through?

    Chicoro: I would tell that person that when a painful, disappointing situation arises in your life, that it is to be looked at as an opportunity to make changes. More specifically, when your hair is breaking or when hair loss is happening, your body is signaling to you that you have an issue that needs to be addressed. Start documenting what you use on your hair, when you use it, the ingredients, the frequency and how your hair looks and feels after application of the process or products. Pay attention to how you handle your hair. Look at what you are eating and examine how you feel about yourself. Then look around at your external life. Is your job stressful? Is school eating you alive? Is there someone in your life draining your peace of mind? Is money a worry for you? Breaking hair and hair loss are clues that something in your life may not be working for you. Pay attention. You are capable of identifying this challenge and resolving it.

    NH Grows: 2. What do you say to some people who may question your ethnic heritage, saying that allows you to grow longer hair?

    Chicoro: I would say that genetics do play a part in how long your hair will grow. I would also say that we don't have the "Genetics and Genes Play Book" printed out to use as a reference, either. What that means is that you can never know how your hair will respond to process based, knowledgeable hair care. I would encourage the person to focus on her own hair and learn to bring out its unique beauty. You never know what may happen or how long it will grow!

    Interview with Chicoro, Grow It Author

    Chicoro has helped naturals achieve longer and healthier hair with the advice in her book, Grow It. See what other advice Chicoro gives for growing stronger hair.
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    She shares a lot of very good information and there is more being shared by many others on the www. I am really glad the negative term shrinkage is being left behind. Jump really is what it is. And it is a sign of healthy hair. Our hair is so unique. So beautiful and It can not be imitated. And it is a myth that it will not grow. There are many of us that are living proof that it does.

    Some other resources for more information: Moptop Maven, Hairlista, Nina Pruitt on youtube, and kimmaytube on youtube, just to name a few.