Black Poetry : INTERRACIAL

I think I love him even though daddy told me not to.
He said never go outside this place and love a blue eyed face.

But daddy loved the devil and he kept em close to home.
Every night up in smoke.. I'm locked in my room and feel so all alone.

I watched my sister sleep so peacfully in bed.
Sit on the side with one cocked back - distrub her peace your dead.

And from the distance of my room, my mothers' cries would taunt.
Then God would say, "this is not my will.. this is not what I want"...

Look'd the devil in the face, gave me the world without a map.
Took my innocence away.. **** right I want it back.

Da unknown world was less confusing then what was established in the home.
And all the faces like yours dad have left me all alone.

And ironically enough you tried to teach me to hate what you seem to love.
All and all in the end it's only you you were thinking of.

You said that he would hurt me, but your the one that gave me pain.
Your pressence in itself was equivelent to endless rain.

Brought me in the world and I always felt displaced.
And each day as I learn to love him .. more and more pain gets erased.

He and I... although worlds apart.. both fighting for different things..
I think I love him anyway......... "I know why the caged bird sings"
I found my REAL family

All I can say is Ya'll are the bomb!!!! I have only been a member of this forum for 3 days but I already feel like Fam!!! Your flow (Bluewater, Miss Lady, PLATINUMILLITY1) is like therapy! I hope I'm not breaking the rules of the forum (I think I read them all) but I am going through some real pain right now and ya'll are helping a sistah out!!!!!!



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