Black Poetry : INTERRACIAL


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Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth
Black people, why can't I date the boy next door?

Is it because my people say he is the enemy.

And if I date him I am their sistah no more.

And why was my brother mad at me when we were eating supper?

Is it because I told him I'm down for my friend like he is a "brotha".

Don't my people know that he has eyes and hands and feet.

He even likes the same type of soul food that I eat.

He can laugh, he can cry and when we talk he doesn't lie.

But my people won't accept him.. why, tell me why?

My people say it's because he's different from us.

Well, I guess I'm different too...

Because that boy next store loves all of the same things I do!
Together forming to make a Bi
We have This soul connection
We formulate, we intertwine
You and me Best Buds for life
But for some reason
Everyone says
You are dirty and white
Everyone says You come from hate
But everyone has not seen your face
Looked in your eyes
and seen the life
Seen your Beauty
And how you Fight
Racism is your enemy
Just as mine
So how could any one detest
Us being Inter-racial


Did you see grandma today?
So, how's she doing anyway?

Did you tell her that I'm doing fine?
Oh, I understand.. you didn't have time.

Well, then maybe next time you 2 have tea:
You might get a chance to talk about me.

You can tell her that I got straight A's.
Maybe that will change her ways.

You can tell her I play ball, and hell I'm the MVP.
Maybe that will make her like me.

You can tell her that I work really hard.
Maybe she'll be interested in my job.


Do you think if you told her all that, she would see me as more then just being black?
I am with you miss lady

Why must I and People Be treated
How they are?

She says Sweetiy Pie
You know how things are

Am I a Bad person?
Will only White People Listen?

You know the Conditions
We wouldnt want to make Mistakes

I am so confused
I do not Know what going on with me
or any thing for that matter?
Will anyone Help me?

Sugar Lips
We are in war
You just don't have enough Hips

Why should I be ashamed
I am Inadequate?
Oh God Why are things this way?

Dumply Face
Who showed you How to say grace?

I need to learn the life
I will do it All on my own?

YOU are Just a Figment
If I were a White man
I'd slap you In the Face

All of these words.....
And she Could never even say my name.....


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