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Aug 24, 2002
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The topic of interracial dating has been exhausted! There is really nothing left to say on the issue. For new members coming to the site, who wish to speak on this issue. I strongly encourage you not to start another thread on the topic, instead add your comments to the existing threads on this subject (please read every message in the thread before you respond):

1. Sistas what do white men have that we don't, that is so compelling to you?

2. Interracial Dating, Black/Latino

3. Heterosexual Interracial Couples, 2002

4. Good White Friend Dating Black Men

5. Sisters We Need To Broaden Our Options When It Comes To Men

6. Black Men with White Women

7. Brothas Why Would You Not Date A Sista?

8. Black Women/White Men

9. Why They Do It

10. What Are Your Thoughts On Interracial Dating?

11. Interracial Dating: Coexist of itself

12. Interracial

13. Racial Intermarriage...On The Rise In The USA

14. I Am Wrong For Being In Love

15. The Interracial Dating Disparity

16. Pro Black & Interracial Relationship, Do They Mix?

17. What Then Will We Do With The Children? Its Time We Got Over It Ya'll

18. The Five Rules Of Interracial Dating

19. Help Me In My Interracial Relationship

20. How Do You Feel About Successful Black Men Dating White Women?

21. How Come Sisters Are Nicer To White Men?

22. Interracial Women's List Needed?

23. Black Women and White Women

24. Advising Against White Women

25. How Many?

26. The Joy & Pain of Interracial Relationships: An African Perspective

27. So He Ain't Black

28. Closing the Racial Divide

29. Black Man's Response to White Woman on Interracial Dating

30. Brothers in the NBA: Black or White Wives?

31. White Men vs. Black Men

32. Why Do Black Men Show All His Charm And Good Manners When Talking To A White Woman?

33. The needs of interracial children

34. Why black women should date non-black men

35. When Brothers sex White Women

36. Have any members here dated interracially

37. Inter Cultural (a disguised IR thread)

38. Black vs White Women Poll Results

39. Blacks with White: In the Media

40. Are we black women doing something wrong?

41. White Men.....played out, or fed up?

42. Why is it when ppl take about IR relationships, they automatically mean black and white...

43. Something New

44. Ebony and Ivory

45. Serena Williams don't wanna black man

46. Creating a respectful distance between black women and black men

47. Whites accept non-blacks

48. Black Women Need To Make A Change

To those who join for the expressed purpose of encouraging others to date white men/women. Be aware that this website does NOT promote that. If this is your purpose in coming here, please refer to my list of Black Conservative/Interracial Dating sites:

Thank You-PanAfrica!

Jan 22, 2001
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lol Pan ... who wooda thunk we had that many??!! ... gosh

Thanks for all the links!




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Aug 24, 2002
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Destee said:
lol Pan ... who wooda thunk we had that many??!! ... gosh

Thanks for all the links!


Actually Destee, I left out a few that I'll have to add later. Also this doesn't include the topics that started out as one thing, but turned into an interracial dating thread.


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Jun 18, 2004
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there should be an IR forum with all these threads assigned to it.
put it at the bottom.
then they can leave the rest of us alone.


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Jul 25, 2004
Good Googity Moogity...that many threads on it..sheesh...It's almost like having 10+ threads on how to boil water or something...
Yeh..get off it already..Thanks for posting this brother


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
Cedric Denson said:
I think the next topic relevant to this one that is all over the site is REPARATIONS! Pan, do thew honors and put them together as well. Not to be a bossman; I just think it is the right thing to do. I remember back in 2004 when I started a REPARATIONS thread - I had no clue there were already threads on REPARATIONS around the site.
Brother Cedric:

Reparation threads have not reached the level as interracial dating threads have. Also those few that exist are clearly discussion/debates. At least half of the interracial threads I listed are recruitment efforts by people (usually black women) in interracial relationships. The other half covered information which had been rehashed before.

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