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    INTERNET RADIO INTERVIEW: Blow the whistle
    By Andre Austin
    Several months ago Joe Atwill was interviewed by science fiction writer Magui Conner. The discussion was then uploaded on Youtube. I feel like a whistleblower telling the secret history of Christianity. The truth shouldn’t be reserved for scholars and academic journals but the Masses should see the light.
    Atwill proves that we, the masses of the people have been had by the Gospels. He puts this on the level of a cruel black joke that was intended to produce anti-Semitism & vicious hatred by the Romans and their partners in crime. The Romans were at war with the Jews and wanted to create an alternative religion to degrade and offset the Messiah Jews who went to war with Rome. Atwill asserts the Gospels are Anti-history to the Maccabee history of resisting Rome. Nobody has yet debunked Atwill’s book Caesar’s Messiah in which Jesus Ministry is based and a parody of Roman General Titus military campaign.
    The literary DNA of the Gospel is 70% Old Testament stories from which many of them were stolen from ancient Egyptian stories, 10% of Pagan philosophers and 20% was draw from the military campaigns of Titus which can be read in Josephus War of the Jews from which Atwill points out in his famous book. So there you have the genealogy tree of the New Testament from a man you should have received a Nobel Prize for literature. His book has been out since 2005 and has never been reviewed because newspaper owners are afraid that Christian individuals and groups will try to boycott their products. I believe this oppression and suppression is true because I know of Churches that threaten to boycott $ Dollar stores for playing store music they fear will cause a convert to relapse back into World. I’ve been trying to lobby the H History Channel to rebroadcast Atwill movie Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman conspiracy to invent Jesus. Nevertheless, it appears that the mainstream media is content with feeding the masses a big bowl of falsehood of porridge. The History Channel is more concerned with talking about Aliens and the Bible rather than the true history. However, the book keeps on selling like Denny’s and McDonald’s are selling pancakes. The word and the secret is out about Christianity and its spreading internationally by word of mouth with no help from the mainstream press. Every time I can promote Atwill I’m on it like white on Rice.
    Atwill talks at length about Typology= is creating stories by basing one character upon another character from a different story. Atwill claims this was done by using OT characters on Jesus and then the Typology continued with Titus. With this being true then we need to know that the first Israelites were native Egyptians (followers of Akhenaten), and the history before the Exodus is based almost entirely on Egyptian mythology.
    So we see Jesus ministry begins by telling his followers they will be fishers of men and End in John’s Gospel by telling his disciple Satan Simon/Peter he will be executed and Rome and John will be a perpetual POW. Now go into the DNA ancestor of the Gospels= War of the Jews and see Titus military campaign begins in Galilee where Jewish ships are sunk and they fish them out with spears and the war ends by taking a Peter to Rome to be killed and John as a POW. This is just the beginning and end with all of the juicy details in the middle. Atwill claims two biggest links of the War of the Jews and the Gospel is the three individuals crucified and one survives episode and the Cannibal Mary scene where a person is scarified as a Passover lamb. All of these incidents occurred in both books. Plus Josephus knew a Jesus whom he wanted to die then he had Supper. In the Gospels it’s the reverse. Go to Youtube hear the interview for yourself and then pass it on and be like Too Short and blow the whistle.