Black Poetry : Internet Date


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Aug 26, 2008
Ah **** this going to be great
I’m too busy so I decided to internet date
Created my profile, looking good
I stand out.. I wish a ************ Would
I began to search and picked out a few
Oh **** she smoke, had to throw back two
So I send out a message to her attention
Something slick, Im a writer did I mention
Her pictures look good from all positions
Side, front, back and all transitions
5’6 with curves in all the right places
The kind of body that has me making O faces
She reply’s and soon we begin to speak
She showing in real interest and we decided to meet
Friday’s the perfect spot
I’ll get the special, that way it does not cost a lot
We decide to meet there Saturday at 5
This might be the one and I feel so alive
On the drive over I practice my lines
And like always I arrive on time
I get a table for two.. one by the window
This way I can spot her when she arrives fo sho
5:05 and she has not made it
5:15 now I feel degraded
That high I was feeling has just faded
Thinking **** I Paid for parking..
In My Marvin Sapp voice…“Never should have Paid it”
My phone rings, it’s her…
She says she in the front, Come and get her
So I’m thinking is she serious
I sat there for a minute then I got curious
So I headed to the front where she could be greeted
Thinking be cool, be polite and compliment her when were seated
AS I got to the front I did not see her……
There is she seated with the coat made of beaver
I tried to be cool be it was too surprising
As she stood up and continue standing and rising
Oh **** my neck started to itch
All I could this was “that a huge *****”
Towering over me in all of her 6’5 glory
This is **** is true, no made up story
I said hello with my voice all deep
But hers was deeper than mines, made me sound week
As I walked beside her thinking she is a lot taller
She held my hand, got me looking like a toddler
I mean before the date I was feeling like a baller
But my hand in hers just made me feel smaller
We sat down and I could not help it
She had the largest face and I reach and felt it
I asked her are you wearing heals and she said.. flats
She asked me why I ask her that
Well you profile read you was 5’6
She said that was clearly a misprint
I’m thinking no ****, you should have fix it..
So I ordered something quick
Cause I was ready to split and just was not feeling this
Now she’s eating slow and trying to have a conversation
The bass in her voice has the water in the glass vibrating
She asked where was the lady’s room pointed as I turned around
As she walked across the restaurant all I could hear was this deep pound
As her feet hit the ground
We she came back to the table I wanted to be polite
I asked her was everything alright
She said why yes, she is having a great time
And that she hoped her height was not going to be a problem of mine
I looked her dead in the eye and flat out lied
I could see her given me horsey back rides and a wedding day of me being carried inside
Mental flashes of being abused and being punked to know end
Me filing an order of protection and living with my friends
As the date begin to come to an end I paid the check
She asked me so now what’s next
I said well, I’ll call you to let you know I made it home
You do the same or text from your phone
She said OH… tonight I don’t want to me alone
And were consenting adults, were both grown
Now I am a gentlemen and I carry myself a such
But this woman right here, right here.. was asking for too much
I mean Let be real, I’m okay
I’m comfortable in who I am, I’m confident, that I can say
My organ plays great, it’s a productive member
I just don’t have the equipment to play at the Staple Center
…. So I told her.. Maybe another time
That in time this will get to know each other and it will be fine like aged wine
She gave me that look that no was not a good enough answer
I told her is was sick, that it may be cancer
She grab me by the seat of my Pants
And whispered tonight we WILL dirty dance..
I tried to pull free but she had a grip
Lifted me off the ground with one hand over my lip
Im thinking dam of all ******* dates
On this one I’m about to be rape
I mean any other it would have not been contested
But this time I’m about to be molested
She threw me in the back seat of her Ford Expedition
Instructed me to undress and assume the position
Dam, right here in the parking lot, oh no I got class
Plus she can’t fit in here with her overgrown ***
She reclined the seats and I feel into the third row
She yanked my pants down and I kept saying “No Means NO”
I tugged and pulled but she would not let go
I tried to scream, this can’t be happening it must be a dream
Just talking about it makes tears fill up my eyes
I got scratches on all over my hips and few on my thighs
When she was done she pushed me to the floor
I grabbed my shoe, pulled up my pants and open the door
I mean it was a full 7mins and my abs are sore
Then she laughed and said punk don’t call me no more
For some twisted reason I asked Way.. was it not great
I mean I was nervous it was just our first date
She said I need a strong man cause I’m at my sexual peak
And besides you left **** stains all across my seat…

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

BRAVO POET ... BRAVO !!!! ... :toast: :toast: :toast:

i laffed and laffed reading this ... :rofl: ... hahahahahaha

oh gosh ... if it was me ... the poem wooda ended when she went to the bathroom ... :rofl: ... :lol: ... hahahaha

i wooda been so out of there ... :lol: ... oh my gosh !!! ... too funnnneeeeee !!!!

whew !!!

Thanks for Sharing! :toast:




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
BUSINESS owner this was enjoyable big ups poet

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