Pan Africanism : International Reparations Tribunal

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    Berlin, Germany: June 7-10, 2007

    We're calling on you!
    Donate to ITRAP
    the International Tribunal on Reparations for Afrikan People!

    $15,000 urgently needed to bring
    reparations and justice to African people

    This June Africans from throughout the world are converging on Berlin, Germany 'the scene of the crime' where, in 1884-5, the colonial countries of Europe drew the illegitimate borders that continue to separate Africans and facilitate the theft of African wealth.

    Watch the powerful video: The Scene of the Crime

    It's time for justice and reparations for 500 years of crimes against African people.
    $15,000 is needed by April 9th to bring judges and witnesses from around the world to testify at this critical tribunal, for logistics and to get the word out. Will you contribute?

    The International Tribunal on Reparations for Afrikan People (ITRAP) is an African people's court aimed at putting the U.S.A and European imperialism on trial for their crimes against African people during the slave trade, colonialism and neocolonialism, including:


    "Imagine being forced out of your homeland and cornered into the desert where you were left to die of thirst, or drink poisoned water. Imagine being told that you could never go home, if you attempted you would be shot... We have the right to bring the Germans to court."
    - Paramount chief Kauima Riruaku of the Herero people, Namibia

    Theft of Resources

    Africa's vast wealth of natural resources, including diamonds, gold, oil, timber and other minerals have been unjustly and heartlessly stolen from Africa to develop Europe. As a result, most Africans live on pennies a day and millions die of starvation.


    Despite nominal independence granted to Africa in the 1960s, white power, terror, exploitation, and violence have continued through western backed neocolonial leaders.

    Donate to ITRAP, donate to our future!

    Thank you for your support of the demand and struggle for reparations and the return of Africa's resources into the hands of African people!

    Visit for more information and updates about ITRAP.