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    Hey everyone. for the past few months i have been reading things about spirituality and things of that nature. ive ran across a few people on twitter. they tweet things about knowing Self and certain powers that we have that we dont know we have. for the past few years i have been on a quest to find out the meaning of life &/or the purpose of mine. im not afraid to admit that i have lost myself, trying to find myself. if that makes sense. i am unsure of a lot of things. ive always been a happy,peaceful person. I think the truth seeker in me is coming to surface now.i wanted to believe in God or what have you, but something just didnt sit right with me. after reading a bit more, i started to feel bad because i no longer believed what i was "supposed" to. but now that i know that was force fed to me, i am on a journey to really know everything about everything. but i dont know where to start. So, ive come across Metu Neter. Im not exactly sure what the book contains. Um, i am just hungry for knowledge and i just feel like this is the right time for me to figure out who i am and what am i supposed to be doing. im anxious. but i dont wanna dive head first into something i know nothing about. so any insight would help. im fairly new to this. Thank You.:heart: