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    Hey everyone. for the past few months i have been reading things about spirituality and things of that nature. ive ran across a few people on twitter. they tweet things about knowing Self and certain powers that we have that we dont know we have. for the past few years i have been on a quest to find out the meaning of life &/or the purpose of mine. im not afraid to admit that i have lost myself, trying to find myself. if that makes sense. i am unsure of a lot of things. ive always been a happy,peaceful person. I think the truth seeker in me is coming to surface now.i wanted to believe in God or what have you, but something just didnt sit right with me. after reading a bit more, i started to feel bad because i no longer believed what i was "supposed" to. but now that i know that was force fed to me, i am on a journey to really know everything about everything. but i dont know where to start. So, ive come across Metu Neter. Im not exactly sure what the book contains. Um, i am just hungry for knowledge and i just feel like this is the right time for me to figure out who i am and what am i supposed to be doing. im anxious. but i dont wanna dive head first into something i know nothing about. so any insight would help. im fairly new to this. Thank You.:heart:
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    Hello friend,
    It is perhaps 6 years too late to respond to your post. However, I can appreciate where you are coming and with all you have been through being somewhat reluctant to dive into something and starting from scratch probably from fear of another waste of time for another period of time you simply cannot afford to lose. In fact, it would be better to at least receive on authority from another that the system works!

    I also just recently came across the Metu Neter, just about a few months ago, but I cannot help to ask myself where has this system been all this while, all these several years of inquiry! You know almost 3 decades of to and fro searching. I sincerely wish I had come across it in the equivalent of Junior High School level. I realize however that I was not ready then and I needed those wanderings in order to be ready and prepared to be in a position to even pay attention to the system offered by the Metu Neter. Another's testimony was not what I needed even though it helps now.

    I can only say that read the Metu Neter series especially Volumes 1 and 3. Digest and assimilate the content with due diligence, reason it out, question it and relate it to all the previous systems and your own unique ensemble of reality. Then see for yourself, if you will have an affirmed conviction that will push you to pursue it or not. That may go a long way to help.

    I have been so affected by it, affirmed certain insights and explained life in ways that it appeals to me. Fortunately, I have 2 kindred spirits, I mean friends, who are also so inclined.

    We have embarked on the Ausarian-Ra Initiation system for a bout 3 months now and still going. I must say, we find ourselves relearning things we knew but not quite with additions we never paid attention to, that is, if we even came across them. It is exciting for us here in Ghana who can relate some of the content of the book to our past culture and gain better understanding to all mis-understanding and where they stem from.

    So test it for yourself and see. That is the best I can offer. The framework, for me, is the most comprehensive, complete, systematic and having a greater likelihood of being practical that I have come across. Sure most of the info is easily related to kabbalah and rosicrucian ontology but the portayal and integration of the various aspects especially the emphasis is gives to the core of the problem: Nuk Au Neter meaning, I am a divine being, You are a diving being, I am God, You are God....- we are in the likeness of God and thus it is our birthright to unfold Omipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence.

    It details a systematic approach to unfold our inner nature, the real essence of our being, whlist clearly telling us without ambiguity of who we are and how we relate to the invisible God- Neb Er Tcher, the Lord of All, the Atum/Amen.

    Further it provides why and how the system is guaranteed to yield the intended objective. It is by means of the 11 Laws of God. It is by means of accessing the larger part of Spirit through our consciousness in order to place our Will(the active part of Self) in complete charge of the activities of our life force. This is by means of trance.

    It explains such basic important yet often ignored fact that strength of conviction is the basis upon which we act insistently and persistently as novices in any areas of life unless we do not seek to be ourselves. Of course, we can borrow that of others as well.

    However, the clincher, is that "to know the truth one must live it." Thus without hypocrisy or pretentiousness the Metu Neter system insists that irrespective of the fact you need the conviction to enable you to take the first steps, ultimately the truth or validity of it is only through verification by experience. It requires you to know, not just know about or have faith in (which the initial conviction essentially is, my view).

    So as a system it offers you the option to disprove it. In fact, it insists on it but do not leave you stranded. There is also the initial aid to taste the word (metu) of God (Neter) by use of the ancient kamitic oracle - the Oracle of Tehuti - till you develop enough sensitivity to the spiritual and able to directly intuit God's will.

    I am yet to experience the impart of consulting the oracle on our spiritual development. We have, however, taken steps towards it. The means - the Deck of Divine Images of the Neteru - have been obtained. We are preparing ourselves to carry out the consultation since there seem to be no one to do so for us.

    That is a very squeezed presentation on what I know of this Ancient Egyptian spiritual system as offered by the Ausar Auset Society as portrayed in the Metu Neter series. I have only read volumes 1 to 3. In fact, still reading.

    I will suggest you getting the one entitled Nuk Au Neter. There are hints that it portrays the ancient scripture, erroneously called the Book of the Dead, in its true form by his eminence Ra Un Nefer Amen. I say his eminence for the simple reason that his works have aligned my thoughts and all i have learnt from different systems so well than I thought it could be. I respect the man therefore for what he has done. This does not validate his work to you or any though, It my personal view of him.

    Who knows? Well, the ball is your court just as it is in mine: To Know truth it must be lived! What more my friend?

    If any system of thought deserves our time, I will place this before 1st position. Lol

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