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Aug 27, 2010
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And then there is The GUI!

It is really annoying to write a command line program that no one will use because it is not GUI.

And then you must do three times as much work just to make it a GUI.

Kill Users! Kill Users! Kill Users! Kill Users! Kill Users!


PS - Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system.


You do GUi programing:eek:

Hell, I looked at that once and said... I'm staying in my lane:bye:

I just recently threw out my disassembler/assemblers, but I held on to winhack. you can use it for win 8



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Jun 13, 2007
How many science and fantasy words are used in science fiction and fantasy. Hard SF uses close 1 1 science word for every 1000 characters.

For anyone interested in experimenting with science word counting in SF, Windows and Linux versions with GUI interfaces have been uploaded. Python must be installed on the computer for the program to run.

Linux - sfforensic_L.pyc

Windows - sfforensic_W.pyc

The input file is: ACC.AFalloMndust.txt with 439541 characters.

It uses 79 SF words 450 times for an SF density of 1.024

The input file is: OSC.EndersGame.txt with 582652 characters.

It uses 42 SF words 214 times for an SF density of 0.367

Hard SF tends to get significantly higher SF densities.

Ender's Game is 33% longer than A Fall of Moondust but uses about half as many science words less than half as often.


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Jun 13, 2007
I was cruising a Radio Shack store last week. They had signs up, "Everything 30% to 70% Off". What will the world be like without Radio Shack. Though they had gone down the road of electronic consumerism and weren't into hands on technology much anymore it will still seem strange without the name around.

But while cruising I saw something called a Beaglebone. "What the hell is that?" I thought.

A couple of years ago I tried to do a project with an Arduino. I crashed and burned and gave it up. But this is more powerful with more RAM and Linux.So I bought it with an electronics parts package. I got it mounted in its own shipping box and on the Internet and doing digital output last night.

Kit came w a 120 page book and so far looks way easier than the Arduino and I already know some Python.


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