Black Poetry : Interacial relationship


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Mar 29, 2001
I guess when I look at people I don’t see color
All I see is the destruction, a cold war
Racism will never be gone I fear
When will everyone’s racial differences clear
Just open your eyes and see
This world won’t let people like me be
Because I have fallen for a man
A man that is a different color grain of sand
He brought me to life
But could I ever be his wife
Everywhere we go people stare
With glances of all sorts of evil glares
I only feel complete with him though
There is no possible way I could let him go
Parts of my family just can’t hide
Being a part of them doesn’t give me any pride
Him and me share this battle together
No one can predict the weather
I pray for a better day in our age
When we can be together without others having so much rage
I try not to let everyone get to me
But I wish people would just wake up and see
One day I hope to see unity
In the end we're just one big community
Please try to make a difference
And stop living in such ignorance
How many people have to live in pain
Living life in the constant rain
Slowly minds are changing though
Someday together we’ll grow, I just know

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