Black Poetry : Intensive aggression could lead to expensive questions asked by a girlfriend like STAR WARS proceed


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May 11, 2006
Intensive aggression could lead to expensive questions asked by
a girlfriend like STAR WARS proceed leading the force took a fly
speed reading course enjoy the glamour of grammar and explains
how it hammer brains got stamina and remain on watch this drains
the swamp, thrill the mood that man will kill for food and sometimes
a soda pop like SPRITE, in the club beer and wine is a clear sign
of drunken love oh BEYONCE know this it flow brisk inside minds
persuade girls for pie not afraid to die just gonna try duck it
in the hummer collide with street wind but need a legit bucket
no plumber on the week end sink stopped up need Drano at bare
minimum, thrust pride to the plus side got rust on my ride
thinking about MAACO need a chick to say no from the outside
a few flirts and true twerks through work an affair could slide
up in here, boo wet and nice one regret in life have yet to slice
cake and throw some icing on it, now this is Black Hip Hop in
VIRGINIA BEACH, “LOOK BOO this is pure a kiss for sure it begin
to be brisk and pure lips are crisp this lure boys to you some win
a date, strut hot and wet but not yet on the internet we can make
this happen get cake from rapping this love case is beyond hope
from the heart brain perk just part of the framework it's smoke
designed to resist some boys rhyme for a kiss it's time to reminisce
if the girl say no, this stuff be hot and like peacocks then twist
and spread wings and said things like let's go to bed and kiss
trusted and hoping to bust it open girl bed dust is choking can
sneeze in the place squeeze waist and please lace jest not a fan
of Rock Bands, stable winner with brain able to entertain hold hands
and roll in vans this told on lands with written words and hidden verbs
even gitting nerds to hear this, flow well and that propel rhymes through
waters like fishes alter my wishes with kisses so girl gone give me some boo
yum, yum “ NAW PLAYER boys have power to take it don't shower naked best
come true about this, was in AUTO ZONE VIRGINIA BEACH a boy saw my breasts
raw and finesses wrapped in silk and perhaps little milk can spill on car parts
but my dress is down booty bless and brown wanna suck breasts play around starts
an affair quick wit a chick git to lick a brownie car wash left next door, INDIAN
RIVER ROAD out front wanna be a bold diver and a sole survivor with Benjamins
after you dive in my ocean it's alive wet potion down there now we at AUTO ZONE
amaze at stats and tools and boys gaze at girls from school wanna take them home
my pie shook as one boy take a sly look into my eyes his menu is pies car rims chrome
he's ready to jot down some hot nouns and drop some renown words in a love letter
in the club or where ever he never gonna git it need to talk to ENVOGUE to better
understand, stay in a dimension have to pay attention boys come with slick talk
I'm quick to walk away my hair is fine but must bear in mind that boys want chalk
on their black board one boy in a whack ford tried get some one time oh
the phat lips on my thing was so wet we was in a pick up truck CD just flow
oh gosh he wanted to bang my panties real bad and they are real wet its no
escape, my thing pink no doubt and its something he can think about
on the brink to turn-up I'm concerned but hot wanna burn my do-nut shout
and leave a hole in the middle oh gosh I may have to visit KRISPY CREME
this could be a twisty dream a risky scheme trapped in bed oh the steam
was coming from my thing for real oh a brown Soul Sista go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH while visiting AUTO ZONE, here boys size me up so hot
after they see my thighs and butt come with lies I jest strut off and the plot
dies hot pies are faraway then
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May 11, 2006
after they see my thighs and butt come with lies I jest strut off and the plot
dies hot pies are faraway then, yes society has the best variety of folks
for speaking to but boys be seeking crew, in her panties it's leaking to dope
words hit her ear just a little bit she hear, itch today but which way do the wind
blow need a girlfriend doe, this is the nicest crisis but he unprepared then
emotions are priceless hope they are spared, “AW BOO her body very soft
and he want to carry her off in his drop top and pop the top on a soda pop
a crazy coco cola then push the baby stroller, girl you got some pie so stop
gonna come by a lot you gonna be home don't wanna be alone cream of the crop
a queen and hot body steam a lot panties stick to it boys wanna do it” “SHE THINK
he wanna fiddle down there right now her mind in the middle of nowhere link
to reality, SO REALLY she remember this boy was to WAWA with plan that left
her in la la land start to stare into space not aware of her lace he was so so deft
like JERMAINE DUPRI who dare chase my love like that a mad romance had her in
a trance sad no chance of escape boss and fought lost in thought, a sexy trend
from the boondocks her perfume is hot rather in the room or not gonna strut butt
he wear bling all the time as stuff spring to mind try sing online grab a cup
and bring wine oh a brown Soul Sista go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH up-
bringing is important, it's an army of harmony go to the fort tonight with a transport
of delight in good spirit and hood lyrics could be a Hollywood ending in a court
of standards, now we here at the VIRGINIA BEACH WAWA this boy wanna give
her waist a phat squeeze but at ease with that wanna tease with stats and live
in the crib kissing her lips, wow FOOD LION up on the right her thing a true pink
and it bring love letters in blue ink and she do think that this boy want some sink
his sprung tongue right in there a brown Soul Sista have to be aware on the brink
of love, her body got class and soft boys wanna get some and dash off and fast
to toss panties in the air reach for hers she step back, not today Hosea and mask
off, oh chrome alone won't get you home need car parts from AUTO ZONE
her thing be wet around bars and that set grounds for love in cars gone
to thinking, he want breast and cake to necessitate his hormones it's best
she take this serious, stuff happen at WAWA well she managed to escape less
damaged to cake but he almost got it, she was moving her thing around while
he tongue her but she left, ----THE END---

but back to the AUTO ZONE in VIRGINIA BEACH this boy wanna deliver a kiss
but consider it a risk he can fall in love and be all up in the club trying to reminisce
lying can twist the situation and boys can get it twisted fast characteristics last
for awhile, whisper in her ear lying no doubt and crying out for some what a task
oh she jest duck for a minute let her luck prevent it, don't want a boy stuck up in it
so her dress is down can't mess around he wanna test her pound cake it's all legit
got a sweet but for goodness sake essential to keep up to date boys wanna sneak
cake on a plate, write a feudal page now a crucial stage in life to begin a nice elite
career now must be complete and clear and never speak in fear, no doubt legit ready
to outwit this boy a kiss can toy with her mind a girl demand satisfaction but sweaty
and need a plan of action

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