Chief Elder Osiris : Intelligence Is Mutually Exclusive From Religion

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    Intelligence Is Mutually Exclusive From Religion

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, you who read with the interest to know, then you to whom do I share this Divine Information With but have you ever notice there is something about Black People when information approach them that is contrary to the information we have been conditioned to believe is true and is to our advantage to embrace and exclude all else that come in the wise of Divine information, because it conflict with an established belief system that offer after life rewards which is everlasting life, how we become so hostile toward the one sharing Divine information that is different from Religious Doctrines?

    You see, that is the underlining expectation that keep the religious believer motivated to continue to hold on to that which make you a promise concerning a life of Good Will, not in the present of Time but in a Time to come that is beyond the life you are certain of, for a life you can only believe will occur, that is the doctrine of religion promising you a life full of the Greater Good but is to come after this life you are now living, so religion make no promise of a Greater Good of a Divine Life living for the life you are certain of today.

    I come and I share with you the Divine Truth and your question is, what make me think that I have all of the Truth, an assertion of me that I have never made and can not and will not make if I am to be guided by an intelligent mind.

    Divine Truth is not fractional, it is what it is in its entirety and it is up to you to recognize the Divine Truth because it is such Infinite Volume until the more you come to know of the Divine Truth the More there is of the Divine Truth to know, but it is that Divine Truth that never contradict or allow its value to be pull out of its Infinite zone, so the Divine Truth need no one or anything to compliment its Truthful Divinity, the Divine Truth is complimentary in and of its Divine Reality, that is why I am not allowed to attempt to convince you of the Divine Truth, just to share the Divine Truth because only Divine Intelligence is qualified to acknowledge what is Divinely True concerning the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and the action of motion we refer to as life.

    Now, allow me to get to the subject topic of this missive which is, Intelligence Is Mutually Exclusive From Religion, some of you may be wondering why is it that I stay focus on religion so directly and I say the thing that hold your life captive is the thing that must be dealt with first if your desire is to ever become free to pursue your life desires without interruption and today the Black life has been interrupted by the fantasy of religion.

    So you see, the mere fact that I go right at the jugular that hold the Black life imprisoned which is religion, tell you that I am not out to win your approval of the way I fight the battle to win the freedom and Justice for Black people, you who have lost all knowledge of self.

    Intelligence require for you to be diligent in searching to know the Divine Truth, not the profane Truth but the Divine Truth and there is a recognizable difference of the two but it is Divine Intelligence that require that you use your mind to profoundly reason with logic and being rational in your pursuit for that Divine Truth, which Black Folks lost Ages Ago and most of all Divine Intelligence require for you to be Wise in your pursuit and finding, because there is nothing in the company of the Divine truth that exceed Divine Wisdom.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Now, when one make claim to be an intelligent individual and at the same Time is running around peddling unintelligent information in the guise of Religion, then know that Divine Intelligence is lacking in that action because Divine intelligence require for you to follow a course absent of irrational emotion and a belief system that defy all Divine Reasoning, Logic, and Wisdom, because these attributes of the Divine Truth is beyond compromise but in religion it require for you not to Think and compromise Is a part of the religious fabric that keep you off focus and confused, concerning the doctrine of religion.

    Tell me, why do you allow those claiming to be so intelligent teach you about the virus of religion and convince you that such a virus does not harm you it is there to save your life from the life you have not lived since Ancient Time, a life that needed not saving but to remain safe from the cunning of religion.

    Beloved, it is impossible for an intelligent person to embrace religion, because to embrace the doctrine of religion is an indication that the mind hugging religion is not a Divine Thinking Mind and to be intelligent Divinely so, you are required to Think Divinely using your Ancient Mind and not the mind of your oppressors, they being the creators of your newly founded religion and you not knowing the difference because we no longer function using our Divine Mind, a Mind that guide you in causing all of your thoughts to be in Harmony, Order, and Balance, meaning you are a critical nonconforming Thinker, rational and logical when reaching a conclusion about that which required your Thoughts and not belief.

    Have you ever notice how insane it make us look to make claim to be of Divine Intelligence and at the same Time we are falling on our knees summoning Jesus and making claim that someone you have never met is our savior and will soon come and save our unintelligent behind, let me share this with you beloved, only those of us who are Divinely Intelligent know who it is that must make us to be Safe again on this planet and it most certainly is not Jesus, it is Jesus that symbolize the shackles that hold your Mind in bondage and it is the unintelligent among us who make claim against those of us who know who Jesus is not, making claim against those that display such Divine Intelligence to be the Antichrist, how can there be an Antichrist when there is no Christ, but if the implication is to mean that we are those that tell the Divine truth about that Christ, then I guess the claim is justified.

    Beloved, never apologize for Knowing and sharing the Divine truth because it is that quality of Truth that is capable of having your life to become safe again upon this planet because life is for the body and when the Time come for the experience of the so call deathly transition, that body life is not transferred into the religious Heaven, it is transformed back into the Elements that it was before the formation took place, so no, you are not taking this life any place not in Heaven for you to have an everlasting life good time, those are just the lies and tricks of the trade of religion, the very belief system that has Afrika not to be Afrika any more and now have a once Divine Black Nation running around waiting for Jesus to come and Save our Black Behind, what an act of disrespect to our Ancient First Way Ancestors, they who came here to this planet as Divine Intelligent Beings to see their children ignore them for some fantasy made up by Lucifer himself for the purpose of tricking and confusing the once Divine Black Beings that once walked upon this planet.

    Divine Intelligence is about Knowing, religion require no intelligence to believe.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    I come and I share that which you need to know and Divine knowledge is not accepted by the unintelligent religious believers, so I guess I am held to be your enemy that share the Divine Truth with his People, knowing that it is Intelligence that over come ignorance, the two is mutually exclusive, Beloved and I Love You In Spite Of Your Lost Of Love For Self.

    Have you ever noticed when there is not intelligent information to share, all of the unintelligent told information come from the oppressors Mind, having you to validate all that come from the unintelligent religious mind of Lucifer and those phony behind preachers standing there feeding you the poison of Life, Lucifer Religion, and is claiming to be Intelligent, how sad and a pitiful people we have become, to have once held the jewel of Divine knowledge in our Divine Intelligent Mind.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]