Black Poetry : Intellectual Degradation


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
Intellectual Degradation​

I stand before you with the marks of the slave driver's whip, born in my abomination, that will go down with me to my grave; but, what is worse, I feel the scourge, treason of my people, their loyalty is given to the devil of slavery itself piercing into my heart, crushing my feelings, my people refuse to relinquish the chains, I cry out loud in accordance with the righteous God, that lives upon the heavens, his words of freedom, was given when I came through my mothers womb, cutting the codes, the chains that link between my mother and I , the seed of black man that created a nation of ebony tribes, I stand before the altar, lord one time on my hand, my battle is not with the devil, but the roots that continue to hold the chains, and sinking me into the depths of moral and intellectual degradation.

During the days of slavery, the mind has not release, the soul continues to cry for a master, Trapped in the Bo boric loyalty to the master Earthly Gods, preachers said to the slaves they should obey their masters, forsaken all the laws of the Almighty, loyalty he assumes to the devil him self because God commands it, freedom they stated will give them more freedom upon the earth, as many devils who come within the cloak, praying on the wanted souls to reach the gates of heaven, at any cost. The ignorance’s of self breeds another redemption, loyal to the earthly Gods. Imitating the early Gods, forsaken the beauty of self, rapped up in the image, he wanted to be, the one he says he hate.

To implement the code of darkness the slave master repeats the summary, and the black man who fell a sleep at his confinement, the whipping dis obedience to the human God, traceable, disobedience, if you were not whipped, you would be the informant to the slave director, and if you would bow down in the sunshine of your master's house, subservient to the laws of the devils house, exhort you to obedience. The black man stood up with the white cloak and said, repent you are the servant of the master house, and the black man looked up with tears upon his eyes, and the preacher stood upon the door looking down on him, as he was his back door servant, and the black man stood up, and begin to walk within the doors, the preacher stood at the pull pit, as he call the black man back to the alter, the preacher screamed out black as me, Nigg**** do you hear me calling you? I stand at the altar of the lord, he said Nigg***** do you want me to beat you, You should also be grateful that God in his mercy brought you from Africa to this Christian land.”

The preacher stood by with the black book in his hand and said to the wretched slaves that God made them to do the working, and the devil men the thinking. And such is the ignorance, in which the slaves are held, singing glory too thee, the hanging tree, nerveless some of them go to the breeding tree, home they say, and today we live the same mockery in reverse, imitating the image of a want be master, to kill the seeds of creation, the planted disk that breeds through the blood, the blood line, of the hooded mask, and the Blackman stood about, and the corrupted minds said yes lord, but the man look upon the house, and said my God dose not live in this house, as the Uncle Charlie’s come as then and now, and set traps for the free mind, under the hypnotic trace of slave master syndromes, to lead my people back in chains, the bond signed with the devil, the black man loyalty to the devil, signed in blood, words of a black Jesus shall not be spoken upon his tongue.

A bond in blood that the only words that would be taught, crying for the freedom of soul, when it was soul in the transcript, keep my people in ignorance, the devil man the thinking, and the black man to working, and the people to keep the constitution of genocide sign in blood. It is punishable by death, to teach a slave education, and many black children who runs from educations, and mama’s and daddies refuse to search for knowledge, and darkness that lives upon their house, continue to generate a new breeds of slaves, slave was denied the privilege of learning, the culture refuse to bond together, the fathers and mothers abandon their children, the murder of family has been completed, now the extent of black children, are being deleted, and the stories ends, powerless tribes conquered by the hooded mask that lives within their veins, rehab is rejected, education deleted, and love has no supplementary in this order calls black roots.

Slavery with all its bloody paraphernalia is upheld by the church of the country. The soul of black folks have become the trinity of darken souls. and slave-holders go hand in hand. The faceless traders and the slave prison stand together; listen to the chanting of psalms in one, you hear the links of chains in the other. The man who cries revolution, with one hand in your pocket, and the next in the devils house of rejoice, treason hide during the week, fills the pulpit on Sunday, Under Satan Authority, have robbery and religion united devils dressed in angels' garments. The man who whipped me mentally, and sold me to the devil, and stand on the pull pits trying to pimp the almighty God
The Words the come out the Mouths
Are not alwayss Right
For is it their fault?
When they were sold in the Same spite?
Claiming a Behalf of the Lord
But Stares at a Face distorted
Seeing everything But themselve
in a Reflection of them

Can we see ourselves?
COme with me
I go with you
To Delete theis Humiliation
Cover Your Ears!!!!!!
They are speaking through the people.
Winning our minds
so the we make go on
Be BLESSED as once
Serene in out Growing'
Come with me


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