Black People : Instigating a RACE WAR?

MenNefer said:
Is this process similar to the way RWS works for white people?

In a system of RWS do whites (individually) operate in their own capacities, at their own leisure to perpetuate injustices towards non-whites?

Do whites hold each other accountable for acting out RWS? (are there clearly defined expectations)

If they do, in what ways?

Good lookin out G

Bro Meta: In regards to Bro Ed's statement: "We no longer name-call other non-white people who don’t agree with what we say. Because we know they are not part of what we are here to do. And you don’t have to worry about insubordination because it is just you"
I myself gathered from this that accountability (expectations) has been so difficult for us to have between each other (maybe an impossibility) that the idea is to get around it. The problem appears to be that, somewhere along the lines of US organizing, we will be sabotaged by frivolous differences that are powerfully intimate to ourselves. (In which we are not willing to compromise .....maybe not ready to confront....or completely blind to) compromizing the integrity of the whole. Whats your take on it and if we were operating (computatively) from the same template would it be easier for us to consistently agree?

Yes Sir...the white people who practice racism (white supremacy) use the United-Independent method as well. They don't all agree to what degree deceit should be used versus direct violence. But they shake hands on not allowing the people THEY SAY are not white to have any measurable power.

Case in point (JUST AN EXAMPLE!!!), sorry, I had to say that because people will begin to try to pick apart the example rather than focus on THE LOGIC. Case in point, Hitler was in the process of mistreating people he said were colored (not white)...meaning practicing racism (white supremacy). The white people who practice racism (white supremacy) got rid of Hitler...and at the same time wouldn't allow people THEY SAID were not white to eat at the same restaurants that white people ate at.

The white people who practice racism (white supremacy) have a code...a racist code. To us it looks like magic because of how it works. It looks like they "take care of their own"...that's how we explain it. So what do we do? We attempt to "take care of our own". But it doesn't work the same way for us. Why? Because we don't understand what we're looking at. Not only do they "take care of their own" they also work against the people THEY SAY are not white (non-white).

They know we are able of taking care of our own, which is the reason they have to keep us in conflict with each other. Even if we decided not to be in conflict with each other we're still missing that critical ingredient of working against them...and we'll need a code to make it effective.
MetaSaience said:
Bro. Williams your rationale can only be decided by what you give us to read. Now you are presenting a completely different case, in fact my own case refurbished back to me. But it’s good to see you are reading and understanding, that is in fact the process into intelligence, and I applaud you for that.

However, don’t overstep your own point only to pick up mine. We should go over the point you made, and I am doing this only because many people think like you. The “Army of One” philosophy is much older than both of us. You are not the originator of this concept. Whatever you meant by saying it, you have already said when you introduced the concept to us. Why should anyone ask what you meant by it when you explained it from the beginning?

{{Have you ever heard of the expression “army of one”?

There is a reason you are born onto this planet by yourself and you’ll leave by yourself. The General, Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant, Sergeant Major, First Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Staff Sergeant, Corporal, Specialist, Private First Class, Private….all of whom is you.

You can’t count on anyone else helping you.

Now what happens when we take this position? We no longer name-call other non-white people who don’t agree with what we say. Because we know they are not part of what we are here to do. And you don’t have to worry about insubordination because it is just you.

You against them. }}

What more explanations do we need? It’s crystal. Why would anyone ask you to explain what you mean by an “Army of One” when you’ve managed to bring Military officers out of retirement in order to make your point?

Your statement still has no bearing on reality, and I have a feeling you already know that. I have a feeling you’ve read what I’ve said and have figured the best way to revise your statement. But I don’t want a revision.

I’ve already stated that a real “Army of One” is when we all come together to work as one, now you are saying this is what you meant. “United-Independent” or what I would call “Interdependence” which is the only reality we know, everything else is an illusion.

As above so below. This is nothing new, any one can study the truth about everything if we learn to study the Universe at its micro level. It’s simple. What you call “United – Independent” and what I call “Interdependence” is how the human body works anyway.

Racism is weakening our body, the Black African world. And if we truly believe in individual progress, we should also know that no individual is greater than the movement itself. Movements live on, individuals don’t. Movements are passed down to young Warriors. Movements like Companies and businesses can be passed down through generation to generation.

We should concentrate on our Movements, and stop worrying so much about individuals and their Egos. Individuals can erect Movements but they can’t carry them on.

The Media has a profound and even at times a very supernatural effect on our people. We are steered like cattle by the Media. We are too predictable.

Perhaps our only saving grace is that Whites are becoming just as dumbed down by the Media as some of us. But they’ve always been very predictable people.

We can become an Army of One, a unified people. But is this a reality of us? How many of us are “out for self.”? So how is this a possibility? I can see a few of us organizing in order to find solutions, but not all of us.

We’ll march, because marching is a civilized tactic, and all we have to do is show up and walk, yell, protest. But what about all the other marches we do? When we march ourselves down to White stores and purchase their goods. When we march to by expensive clothes.

When we march to the Movies. We vote with our dollars for Racism. And this is also something we do as a “United – Independent” force. United around one “code” and not a campfire. The code being, we just have to get what we can get when the getting is good.
And yet you still profess to know what I'm talking about but you're way off the mark. I'm done.
Bro. MenNefer – your question is excellent and well timed. I’m not certain yet if disagreeing keeps us from organizing in general. If anything it helps to create more organizations based on like mindedness. My Father and Mother disagreed all the time, but were well organized when it came time to discipline me.

How we disagree, and what we are disagreeing about is very important. It’s always good to see what Men and Women are passionate about in their spirit, in this sense arguing, debating disagreeing helps us to bring out the truth about ourselves. The truth about us is smeared out into the open for everyone to see and scrutinize.

How we disagree should be judged based upon what we are disagreeing about. For example arguing over a better quality of life for our people is a forum we should all be in audience to. John Henrik Clarke mentioned that, Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois were both right- taking the different environments and education of these Men, they were both right and both produced a solution for our people. I will also say John Clarke and Farrakhan were both right also. Dr. King and Malcolm X were both right.

When society produces great minds of different paradigms of thought, it becomes necessary for the people’s sake for these minds to promote their ideas in some comparative fashion – which is most cases is a public debate. From there people naturally decide for themselves what makes the best sense for them. From there people naturally form their own organizations, teams and value systems. This how societies have always functioned.

The fault here actually is that people don’t argue enough. Or perhaps don’t know how to argue and get out what they really mean. And usually because of how we have suffered emotionally and psychologically in the world, we have no way of arguing without it reaching a less productive level. I think most of us shy away from arguing anyway, so we’d rather just agree. Go along to get along. Keep the peace. I

’ve talked with an old couple before, the Husband is an Atheist and the Wife is a Yoga Spiritual Guru. Over 20 years of marriage. I asked myself how can this equation exist? The Wife told me they argue about God all the time, morning noon and night. Not because it has anything to do with their relationship but because that’s the kind of people they are, one believes one thing and the other believes another.

When people are concrete in their relationship with one another, nothing changes that. No disagreement can change how Black people in this country are related to one another. If we find ourselves making enemies because of how people express their feelings and thoughts, then the issue is with ourselves, and it has nothing to do with that person.

Personally, I believe Racism in America and in the world can be destroyed. It will happen if people are truthful about what they believe, and be truthful with those who believe as they do, and organize with those people who believe as they do to create a better quality of life for themselves. Wars are produced from a sincere effort to “convert” others into thinking, feeling and behaving as you do. The punishment for not converting is usually death, or some other form of punish, like living in poverty for example. There is a big distinction between those who want us to “understand” why they think, feel and behave as they do and those who want to convert or program us into those characteristics. War is the result of some form of resistance.

The obvious point made in this thread is that if Wars can be instigated right here, what stops them from being instigated by the Media? Differences shouldn’t sabotage people. We are all different. What sabotages us is how we “define” our differences. Take Bro. Williams as an example. An obvious “out the box” thinker like many of us here. We are different. We have different views. But his thoughts are very relevant. What he has to say is very important and needs to be heard regardless of how I or anyone disagrees with him. Unfortunately our people aren’t used to being able to have different thoughts, ideas, opinions without another Black person showing up to stomp it out of them. But we expect that, and we are used to that happening. Now, how can we use the power of our disagreements to motivate collective change?

An Elder once told me that a Religion, a Spiritual Belief System, any perspective on Life is like a Car. We all have different Cars. Our Cars are made to fit us sometimes, customized. Sometimes our Cars are generic. But if Liberation is on the other side of the hill, we have to get there regardless of what kind of Car we are driving. Sure some cars are slower than others. And some Cars might break down during the trip and have to Car pool with someone else. Some of us can’t afford our own Car so we have to take a Bus to our Liberation. The point is not the vehicle, the point is getting there.

It’s good to argue and debate, because some of us are lost and are afraid to stop and ask for directions. Some of us also know the way but don’t want to tell anyone., debating gets the truth out of them. Our Liberation takes place when we divorce our minds from the system of White Racism in general.

For me this means that even without actual White people on the planet, we still have the problem of White Racism. We have a system of oppression among Black people in general. We limit our own progress with and without their help. I don’t see Racism in the world as a super power. I see our minds as a super power however. If our minds say Racism is a super power then it is. If we say Whites are a super force, then they are. Our collective mental force is what helps to create the condition we are in. So arguing helps to challenge different thought variables that create our condition. It helps us to “recognize” what minds are producing what in our reality. Staying still and quite never solves anything. Snakes stay still and quite.

Obviously we are all part of the problem regardless of how different we are. We are either helping to enable or disable the powers of Racism. We are either feeding it more power, or defusing it’s voltage.

What might work of out for me personally, I'll start selling my work and research to White Teenagers and have them spill it. Since most of us are mentally programmed by White voices anyway, it just might work.



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