Black People : Instigating a RACE WAR?

MetaSaience said:
Queen Truetothecause, you know about these psychological terms better than I do. Is it because of White Privilege or just White Racism in general that Whites react the way they do when they are told they can't have or do something?

Brother MetaSaience,

I made this reply based on this question and thought you shared in response to my post. This was before the next set of post on this thread or before my fully digesting all that has transpired since.
I did not get a chance to hear what the devil said in response to Brother Khalid and I'm going back to finish hearing that piece, yet..I wanted to go ahead with this reply.
I also made another reply which is shorter and speaks to my thoughts about being in a "war of one" as suggested by Brother Edward Williams.

In the end, I KNOW, the battle is NOT over and just when it seems all is lost... Y¢bedi nkonim..(WE WILL BE VICTORIUS!)


OMGoodness Meta!!

MetaSaience said:
What? You don’t think it can happen? You don’t think that America’s borders could become a coliseum of death and carnage within a matter of weeks, days, hours- minutes? A Nation divided by Race? Whites on one side, Blacks on the other? It seems irrational, and it is. All Wars are indeed irrational especially in the presence of higher opinion.

But don’t say it can’t happen, just because you can’t see it happening….

If a Race War was going to happen in this country, it should’ve took place after “Roots” aired on network Television. It was then that more Blacks and Whites became aware of their historic opposition. After that it was common for a White person to refer to a Black person as “Kunta Kinte.” Many racial incidents broke out around America because of “Roots”, and perhaps lives were lost on both sides….but the Media was careful enough not to add to the problem.


Now if you sat LeVar Burton himself down and asked him if he thought a Race War is possible in America he would say Yes. Maybe you don’t have to sit him down at all, just read his sci-fi novel titled: “AfterMath” about a Race War in the year 2019 that destroys America. Mr. Burton might even mention that he doesn’t believe America will ever heal its Racism until some form of Race War takes place.

In the past the Media has been very careful not to report certain stories because of what those stories could do to the collective consciousness of the American public. But since “The O.J Trials” – White Media has somewhat of a good idea what certain pieces of information can do.

Is it true that “some form” of Race War is already taking place?

If we asked Harold “Hal” Turner the question, he would say Yes. Hal Turner operates a White Nationalist internet Radio show out in New Jersey. He was inspired to go public with his racism “after” losing an Election to a Latino Woman.


In Hal Turner’s mind, America is ran by the minorities not the majority. America and American Media is all for different Races, instead of the White Race. In fact, this has become the growing theme among White Nationalists in America. In Hal Turner’s mind, Whites are loosing the Race War, miserably.

I myself am beginning to question the Science of White Supremacy that I’ve been subscribing to for so many years. We give White Racists more credit than they deserve, more intelligence than they could possibility aspire to. Most of them are actually a bunch of un-educated idiots. At least- the ones they “show” us.

So who is “showing” us? The Media. The Media studies our emotions and knows how we will react even before we do. But is the Media trying to instigate a Race War?

CNN aired just recently: "The Noose, An American Nightmare." And already, this report has excited youtubers, bloggers, and newspapers all over the world.

Listening to the language coming from Blacks and Whites you can tell we are very angry. Road Rage Angry. CNN clearly defined the display of “The Noose” as a symbol of hatred for Black people. So what happens next? This means that out of spite, or as a declaration of their hatred- Whites and especially ignorant White Teenagers will hang the noose from their trucks, cars, boats, windows- the Noose might somehow become the new American flag.

And people will die.

Because perhaps Hal Turner is right. He is right in the most horrific and scary way possible, for White folks at least. Who holds the keys to America? Let’s take a look at this.

Who is Roger Toussaint?


A Black person just like the rest of us. Because of this Man’s actions back in 2005 New York City lost $400 Million per day. Most cities don’t make that in a month. Roger Toussaint is the head of the Transport Workers Union. While the Transit Strike of 2005 cost the city millions, it even costs the Union workers as well in the end, landing Toussaint in jail for a few days- it was a sign of power. So-called “Minority” power if you will.

How many Roger Toussaints are there in America? Far too many for White standards. Is Blacks in America were really as evil as Whites think we are, we could orchestrate a War the likes of which Man has never seen. But they keep us in the projects and ghettos because they are easy targets for air strikes…thankfully we don’t all live in the projects.

We should all know that the White Government has no problem dropping a bomb on a house, a building, a town, a city- they’ve done so in the past. But in the spirit of a Race War, we must all wonder how loyal Blacks in the military will be to their commanders.

Perhaps the Race War that is taking place is not a violent one of physical blood. But I know for sure all Black people in America need to start considering the possibility.

I have never heard of him before until Thursday while I was talking to my friend who was highly upset because he was laid off from his job. He had told me what Toussiant had did and how much power he had. He had said that they had killed him and made it look like the mafia had did it. He was also telling me about his experience with race stratification at his job, how he was more qualified and being under paid but this white guy who wasnt as qualified and was living out his car was being paid more and now he has a BMW. I have been imagining for a while about a revolution of some sorts. I believe it is possible because alot of young black men are tired of being pushed around. FTP they aint nothing but a gang and I am tired of them terriorizing our young black men. You could count me in because I'm pissed off. I love my people. These politicians and corporate heads know exactly what they are doing.
And I'm not into politics but white people like Obama too much for me! I dont trust him.
Good Point

MetaSaience said:
Thank you Bro. Keita for your strong logic. That might also be something we don’t want to hear. “We are fighting for the same plate Europeans have established for themselves.” And that by itself does justify a Race War.

I know some of us still believe this kind of thing is impossible. A Race War in America? In this day and age?? Oprah and Bill Cosby would never allow it. Right.

Michael Moore did a movie years ago called “Bowling for Columbine” – the entire film of course dealt with what happened at Columbine High School back in 1999. Within all that, he managed to ask a very important question about America.

Why does America have so much Gun violence? He compared America to other countries that have as many Guns or fewer Guns than we do but less gun violence and crime, much less. He never really got around to answering the question....perhaps leaving the answer up to the viewer.

The answer for me has to do with White fear, and the fact that the US has more prisoners than any other country in the world. So where is America’s Reality? In the Prison system. Many of us, and Whites as well- own weapons to protect ourselves from certain realities we see around us or see or read in news. America is a prison industrial complex of fear.

“The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.”

Are Race Wars a reality in prison? Most definitely. There are no “armies of one” in prison, you might walk in by yourself, but you better team up with others like you or you will die- period.

(Association by Affiliation)

I think you bring a good point here. I did 7 in USDB Leavenworth and 2 in Marion Ill Min Camp and you "know" who you with up in there...The only relevance to "Army of One" is whether you are carrying yourself (as an individual) in a way that brings resources and other individuals around you that are interested in making what you stand for a reality. In the DB there was a huge wing that had 7 tiers and one whole side was Afrika and the other was Europe....I think Keita , Bro Ed, you, me and a host of others would be having this convo on the Afrika side and well aware of eachothers wellbeing, needs, protection etc....We need to do that as much as possible in this SYSTEM. I agree with Bro Ed in the POWER of accountability .....individuals must be accountable to the degree that they are fighting this whole system by themselves. If we all had a clear cut system of countering a system and we all were individually doing it well and I got killed, I wouldn't want anyone to overtly avenge me; just put MORE of your time and energy into countering the system.
Thank you for sharing you thoughts with us Queen Truetothecause. I for one thank you for your "feelings" as I can always listen to your words and read the energy behind what you are saying.

This is the perfect thread to say what I am about to, as it addresses what Bro. Williams said about "The Army of One" it also addresses Queen Truetothecause, as well as a few others I know on Destee who have started their own sites and are still in the struggle despite the lack of support.

The subject here deals with Media, and how the Media can be used, and is being used to instigate ideas, thoughts and actions that affect us all. What is our counterattack? I would say our own form of Media. Fight fire with fire.

Queen True, you are a prime example of someone who is creating their own form of Media to "counterattack" what is going on your environment, and in the world around us. For the most part, we all have the same complaints. There is a lack of support.

But there is a science to Media that I had to learn and study myself before getting into branding, design and media production - to which I was hoping I could educate others about, especially those who want to successfully gain the support and attention necessary to make their efforts worthwhile.

Our minds are edited by the Media we consume. Sometimes learning how to "tease" the mind, even make people "angry" produces results. Some of us don't like compromising our spirits like that. Well- that's usually the difference between a successful "media producer" and someone who is journaling thoughts. You'll be criticized anyway, regardless.

I would call Pac an "Army of One" but even Pac had a science behind his Media. His work was seasoned with enough Truth that most people today look at him as a Black Messiah, while others question- How can they exalt a Thug? Unfortunately not all people will get your message, but that's on them.

We can't underestimate the power of the internet. At the same time we must also understand the internet or the computer is still a medium most of our people only use 10-35% of the time. White Media promote themselves on TV, newspaper, Radio, Events and the Web.

If we are looking for more support for our own Media, our websites, our videos etc- then we need some force of promotion, some tactics in marketing.

To promote I would actually start interacting with other conscious youtubers and inviting them to the site. To promote and market any idea or product you have to "reach" people, you can never expect people to reach you. It will never happen. I've had many businesses die miserably before realizing that myself. And the PAM (Promotions and Marketing) dynamic, is the one element I see many of us missing out on. Without PAM, Black folks don't know what club to go to.

Queen Truetothecause, this is a 100% guarantee - you will get more views if you start labeling your videos to tease the curiosity and creating more keywords. You can also do a few videos addressing key topics. But you may not want that much attention.

So far, you've addressed the family on youtube- and you may not get many views from youtube itself based on that, especially if the video mentions situations youtubers are not familiar with. You will have to build up a portfolio of "universal topics" and as people get "teased" by your commentary,
they will join in more with comments etc.

It's very important for us to create our own Media. Again, as Bro. Williams mentioned a War isn't just about shooting guns. We are in a Media Race War. We are being framed with characteristics that belong to less than 5% of our people. We are call criminals, when most Black people I know work hard everyday trying to make a living and never steal from a soul. We are called murders, and we are used to excite the Racist ideas in White Americans. So what do we do? We fight back, we learn their tactics of propaganda and we use it against them.

Now this one relates to the other topic on "Black Comedy" as well. Why is Mr. Pregnant so popular? Over 300,000 view per day? Could he flip his Media into something more worthy of action? He could if he were conscious enough.

Dr. Phil Valentine's "Operation Death March" is an excellent video to own. But in this particular clip, he shows us how to "PROMOTE" others in the struggle like himself, but naming them publicly or during meetings or conferences. He also goes into some very interesting information.


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