Black People : Instigating a RACE WAR?

MetaSaience said:
Bro. Oldiesman, I was thinking the very same! Let's consider what Bro. Edward Williams is telling us. If we are indeed born into a race war, who are our generals? Bro. Williams you bring up a very interesting point. What is a War? Who has educated us about what a "War" is? White folks. In truth we engage in a Race War everyday, ask our unemployed Brothas, our Black Women, or our Black students.

And in all this, who are our Generals? Jesse Jackson?? Al Sharpton....I seriously hope not. In fact, let's look at it this way. Why do we look at these people as Black Leaders or Generals when they have to Army to come defend us?

Perhaps Farrakhan has an army to come defend us? Maybe Rappers like David Banner, 50 Cent and T.I.? T.I. stars in the new movie "American Gangster" and based on his recent weapons charges he's really trying to be one. But again, as Bro. Williams suggests we don't have to be shooting guns to be in a war.

The War in Iraq, is this a Race War as well? Perhaps. In a real War people do die, and we have been dying based upon deliberate attacks from Whites since our arrival here. Attacks on our basic Human rights, attacks on our culture and spiritual freedoms, attacks on our Families, Men Women and children, attacks on our health, attacks on our minds- even attacks on our future.

If we cannot afford a general, one will be appointed for us at the
Government's expense.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but have you ever heard the expression "army of one"? There is a reason you were born onto this planet by yourself and you'll leave by yourself.

The General, Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant, Sergeant Major, First Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal , Specialist, Private First Class, Private...all of whom are YOU. You can't count on anyone else helping you.

Now what happens when we take this position? We no longer name-call other non-white people who don't agree with what we say. Because we know they are not a part of what we are here to do. And you don't have to worry about insubordination because it is just you. Just you against THEM.

Sorry 'bout that...
Warrior Queen Truetothecause! What are we to do indeed. Bro. Williams once again you make an excellent point. But has the "army of one" been a successful campaign for Black people in America? The idea that we are born into the world by ourselves is perhaps another illusion, again taught to us by Whites to ingrain the feeling of exclusion and individualism in us. Thereby weakening us from the start.

The truth? No one is born alone, even physically we are born with the traits of 2 people, in those 2 people are generations of knowledge and information we can use at our disposal to solve our problems. But I do understand the sentiment behind "self preservation" which the army of one supports.

We should in fact unite our efforts as "armies of one." But we all know it's too late for shoudda - couldda right now. Understand that this is only based on my opinion that we are not here in the world for our selves alone. I mean really, if you can't count any anyone else helping the fight, why fight? Because overall you are not fighting for just your self alone.

Truetothecause, the Noose, is a visual N word. Chris Rock mentioned how upset Whites became after the banning of the N word because it was the first time in history Whites were told they couldn't do something publicly. I'm not sure how true that is. But it has a ring of "sense" to it. Most Whites in America are psychological babies.

Queen Truetothecause, you know about these psychological terms better than I do. Is it because of White Privilege or just White Racism in general that Whites react the way they do when they are told they can't have or do something?

What's also heartbreaking, honestly- is the fact that many of us walk around with a Noose around our necks without realizing what it means. The Crucifix/Cross is a Noose. Is it not a symbol of death like the Noose? Weren't people murdered on it like the Noose? Didn't our people die historically on it like the Noose...hummm...

What are we to do? Family it would be irresponsible to dish out military ideas online. But there are ways to deal with certain types of people, and sometimes blood shed is not required. I know half of these Whites who will hang Nooses will be the stupid ones. The ones who want to declare their freedoms and so-called first Amendment rights, the ones who feel America is slipping away from them.

I can fight those Whites by myself perhaps, because its all propaganda anyway and I'm in the business of overstanding and dissecting their propaganda. Most of the daughters of the Klan in GA are having mixed babies anyway. I know it hurts them to here the truth, and this is what Whites in America need to hear. The Truth. The Media is a system used to feed them an illusion that they run the world, which they don't and never have.

Any other ideas as far as facing off with Whites that hang Nooses?
According to the well researched work of Cheihk Anta Diop in his book entitled: "Civilization or Barbarism" there will be a race war simply because we have as a people reached the point where we are fighting for the same plate that Europeans have established for themselves. Furthermore he goes into the "numbers aspect as well by speaking on what happens when a sub group begins to out number the oppressive or dominant group." History is full of examples and he list them all. We need not worry about a race war, it's coming...especially if the European intends on having or maintaining control of this nation that he originally carved out for himself and his system.
Remember, they have committed genocide to take this land....they have enslaved and killed too many people to build this land...logic therefore says that they are not about to surrender this land all because we or any group are having more babies than they are. Do the math, it's really very simple.
Thank you Bro. Keita for your strong logic. That might also be something we don’t want to hear. “We are fighting for the same plate Europeans have established for themselves.” And that by itself does justify a Race War.

I know some of us still believe this kind of thing is impossible. A Race War in America? In this day and age?? Oprah and Bill Cosby would never allow it. Right.

Michael Moore did a movie years ago called “Bowling for Columbine” – the entire film of course dealt with what happened at Columbine High School back in 1999. Within all that, he managed to ask a very important question about America.

Why does America have so much Gun violence? He compared America to other countries that have as many Guns or fewer Guns than we do but less gun violence and crime, much less. He never really got around to answering the question....perhaps leaving the answer up to the viewer.

The answer for me has to do with White fear, and the fact that the US has more prisoners than any other country in the world. So where is America’s Reality? In the Prison system. Many of us, and Whites as well- own weapons to protect ourselves from certain realities we see around us or see or read in news. America is a prison industrial complex of fear.

“The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.”

Are Race Wars a reality in prison? Most definitely. There are no “armies of one” in prison, you might walk in by yourself, but you better team up with others like you or you will die- period.

Using my inner eye, I saw how all of this can go down. The situation will be different for most of us. It all depends on where you live, and how our people behave and react where you live.

Hanging a Noose here in Atlanta will be different. The Educated Blacks will stand up and speak about on the news 24-7. Jesse Jackson will use it for his own political platform. Black Religious leaders will use it for their own agendas as well. There will be marches, lots of them. But it won’t change the fact that Whites are using this act as panic switch. Not just Whites but ignorant White, Latino or Black Teenagers somewhere snickering behind a bush.

But there is another elite here in Atlanta that would make matters terrible for any White person caught doing such a thing. The killing and the beating of a White person will produce some form a physical Race War. The so-called “Angry White Male” doesn’t scare us. Not the elite I know of. This White Race of Troglodytes, bragging about their ability to walk upright- have never managed to be civil anywhere on the planet…they’re already dying out by their own admission. That’s why the White Nationalists are so angry.

What’s so beautiful about Black people is that we are good at allowing people to be. Allowing them time to evolve and grow. We leave well enough alone. But Racists can’t be left alone. It’s not in their nature. Especial when the philosophy behind their Racism is designed to keep them drugged up in delusions of power and control over others. Like the hanging of the Noose itself. A symbol of fear and hatred. A symbol of White justice. It says- This is our judicial system. This is how we deal with criminals ‘round here.

The Media is used to excite the minds of Racist White America. Used in many ways to steer public opinion. To create their own Devils and Angels. Guess who said the N word this time? Guess who was caught being a Racist. It’s all over the news. Jena 6 lit the match, but one more serious incident will light the fuse.

I’ve often said Black folks need to stop focusing so much on Presidents. Elections are pool parties for the majority. But pay close attention to what is going on in local Government. Pay attention to who and what “governs” your community. That happens to be Law Enforcement. Something terrible happens you don’t call the White house. You call the Police.

By design there are White officers on every Police force in every major “Black” city, those might be cities in the following states: Alabama, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, District of Columbia, California, and Georgia.

White Racist Officers. Don’t just look at the Black Police Chief or the Black Major – look at the entire political network. Why else would Racism still exist in cities like Gary Indiana which is over 80% Black?

If anything lights the fuse, most likely Black people will be up against Racist White Mobs lead by the Police. Then the National Guard will be called in, and then Martial Law will be declared, and then all those concentration camps being built around America can be put to use.

So why is the Media instigating a Race War? To start one. All they need is a few more controlled incidents like Katrina, to shave off the Black population enough so they can gain more population control. Crack, and HIV germ warfare isn’t working fast enough. And it has to happen before the year 2010. By then Blacks will be a Trillion dollar Nation.

Repatriation anyone?

More info on Race Wars:

Race War of 1912

The Coming Race War In America: A Wake Up Call – Carl T. Rowan

In this book, Rowan, the first black Cabinet officer, and a syndicated columnist, warns that unless we act now, this country will by the end of the millennium have the same level of bloody racial strife that marked South Africa at the height of apartheid. The warning signs he cites include corporate downsizing, the rise of the angry white male, the growth of right wing militias, the war on welfare and affirmative action, the swelling black prison population and the growing popularity of Louis Farrakhan. In his chapter "How to Prevent 'Armageddon,'" Rowan recommends a massive federally enforced disarmament program, speedy prosecution of racist cops, and early and massive interventions into the lives of underclass children -- including a revival of FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps, to be paid for by the money now being earmarked for new prisons.

Anthony Hilder vs.Khalid Muhammad The great debate​
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