Black Poetry : Inspired...kinda


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Aug 18, 2008
I scribble scriptures trying to match the literature that was laid before me
Because it was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes and while i cried i wondered why
Despite all my concentrations and concerted efforts I remained where I began
And wherever I go, there I am
So I cried
I cried because somehow something managed to stunt my growth
No matter how I strain and struggle I am held back
So cut along my pulse to sever my life line
My life is no longer mine and I never held the rights to it
I was living for you and though I followed you faithfully I lost you
So I wept
The same song has been sung and yet I hum it as I stumble along
I'm lost without you
And I gaze endlessly at the stars hoping to decipher them and learn my fate
I was staring at the brightest one for far too long until I discovered that I, in fact, didn't shine the brightest
My aspirations had long been dimmed while I focused on navigating troubled waters
Endless streams of tears troubled my waters
Sinking too deeply and I tried to keep my head above the water but it moved to quickly
Streaming thoughts are way too confusing to follow
They flow into each other inconsistently altering paths until they drain completely
Where do I go from here?


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