Black Poetry : Inside My Mind

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
Inside My Mind
sought through ivy pinions away from its climb
on a plate of grass will follow
such as a room nor equated place you shall go
stand here complete bump past the window
find an old lady in shawl

hoodlum at the knees
shadow beneath buried near the debris
oh habitat...near heart attack we humbly agree
shadows block the mere vortex of one's mind
zipper to the blind
giving room to shine

lost as in cousin pressed below the button
Here in April,
the prairie wind at my back
while white clouds mottle scarce
new grass, I hold in my hand
what has stayed in the jacket for all
the long months since November
Seeds carried through cold times
since that dark day I stripped them, waiting,
from rusty plumes in my fence line;
Turkey Foot, Big Red, Blue Bluestem-
names for an old and simple grass saved
from the plow. Most I scattered on earth far
removed, scratched a shallow bed before the frost
These few are left, a pocket legacy, warning me,
a bit of prairie to seed that other earth
I hold inside my mind


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Aug 20, 2010
Hello your poetry is great. I was wondering are you Uncle Charlie? The picture that shows for you. If not do you love his music, do u know him? What is it?
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