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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Sad from da years of dismay
how life's been on display
listening to what thy people say
who is best built from thy clay

Sudenly remembrance
came to mind of us in this age tyme
as i flood watch ova my life
insearch for this kinda wife

I found no happiness within the maze
only pleasure from what's been gave
no true love from thy heart
just misguided mental parts

I saw her on the trail of journey
she was beautiful and such wonder
yet fade within da mind
leaves me deeply searching tyme

Tic Toc upon my clock
da walls of cares become bare
as i ramp the years of tears
and the feelings from my fears

I search for happiness again and again
a love a mind the soul within
one to share and my heart
but yet falls on da road call start

she must be super fictional or some maze
in my mind still this burning blaze
to get past another year or faze
to find my beloveth in a slumbering glaze

Insearch of happiness to love
to cherish honor and respect
sho loyality and rise above
as i recollect the many nights

I've felt pain that has stain my days
been in the salty tears felt burning blaze
been took into corruption from my will
yet stumble back into peace be still

I've cross states of many miles
yet my face ware no smiles
for she is lost in some unknown
yet i hear her voice of tone
is she just a mental of clone

where o' where can she be
somebody please help me free
from this search my heart's lonely tree
to a happiness of a us and we

How can this truely be
my love capture in such slavery
for a lover a wifey for me
in my mind she hidden inside thee

I've looked high and low
i've saw many come and go
but not one was her by da depth of her core
nor what my heart had instore

I need her to be open minded
have something beyond beauty & devine
flash a smile that truely shine
be ready to share wit kind

I need one that will listen to me
give advice and free me , see
someone that pose an heart
passionate true love and a new start

she mush have wisdom to great will
power of love to keep me thrill
knowledge to know her own fate
and never served cheat on her plate

One that will say yes to happiness
and display a means of togetherness
she can be from near or far
as long as she give her heart

guess i'll end another page
to my long awaiting sage
insearch of happiness in age maze

Gee, and I thought the one you have spoken of in rhyme, was she. To seek that one who will be right for thee, isn't an easy search, particularly when fears set in that the one who we believe is the right one, is not. It takes a belief that what is known in one's heart, is the truth. The search for true happiness is never easy. Feeling this vibe.
it could be of she once it become some reality but until it's only my dream
and this song or theme that has me search for happiness and love ..........
I wonder if ! well i guess not .
Thankz sis for the drop and notice from pass plage of written words of heart
she just might be the one out there .....reality is now the fate of truth
We all become lost in the maze of these days
A journey that started in the days of age

To find a love that came in a dream
Hoping its more then a fictional tease

Even those I now feel lost
Because you are still in my thoughts

I do want to escape this maze
The hunger grows and i am daze

I search for happiness again and again
When will I find it when will be end


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