Black People : Inportent ,Message For Destee ,Encouragement,hearten

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    Hi Sister destee...:flowers: :rolleyes:

    I am here because God put somthing on my heart to tell to you you..(i have also for other members but everything on gods time ,and youre inportent now because you are the Head of this site, its inportent that you feel well that you are ok ,ofcourse that means for everyone here,but i think you know ,what i mean with that, its just like a tree..
    i came here before to post it but ,destee,s place was out of the air..

    Before i start with the message to you..

    i first have a question..

    Have you been visit the tempel of god (church) or have you gatherd with people (that can also have happend on this site ,and god can speak trough every kind of man and sisters ,he chooses , and if its a word of god it brings you truth fruits ,liberation ,move ment ,you can always find it back in the bible,...cause what i known from you is that you read the bible ,and that you believe in God and his son jezus . If its a false word than it wont bare fruits it will fade .or bring disorder ..the seed of the word will not be planned will not bring you forward)

    and shared the wisdom that comes from god or read ,or prayed together..
    and bring youre offer ?

    that was my question..

    If you did let me know....and how are you doing..?

    Here is the message to you..

    I know you work hard ...
    You work for this site ..
    you put a lot of energie in it...
    For the community...
    Remember That God sees everything that you work hard..
    He knows youre intentions ,..
    But remember He is breath ...everything, (personal i know you know that ,but we have to remind eachother somthimes)

    But God is a jalours god...
    he sais enyone who puts someone or anyone or anything above me ..

    is not worthy to me...

    I remember destee...
    the last time we spoke...
    a bout things about the site about ,other things..
    You said sumthing ...""its my life "' and you ment the site...

    Please understand me ...we all say things like that sumthimes ,me to ..
    and i am not here to put you down or anything ...I love you..
    but the lord realy put somthings on my heart to say to you (some people get this gift from god ....and he does not want us to put it in the ground ....
    and besides that ...we all can have this kind of gift somthimes cause if you grow with god and stay in his love and study the word ......he gives us open and spirritual eyes look out to our sisters and brothers..)

    and i am not jocking...

    But what i want to say that maybe you ment it different about the site..
    but make shure that this site does not comes between youre personal relationship with you and HIM God.....
    make shure you have time and spend time with him to...
    and dont get caught up ...with things or maybe even some words that people write on this site...
    and i mean wisdom to.:oops: ...
    You maybe do that already ....
    but i know that it happends somethimes...
    I already one time said to you..

    Hold on to what god have given to you..
    You have been grown up with a lot of love and wisdom..
    And if you stay close to him ,he will continue to give you the strenght and wisdom...

    to keep this site .....and to guide it..

    Hold the read line In it alll wich is love youre brothers and sisters as much as youreself...................i know sis it aint always easy..

    But it is so inportent that you are doing well ,while youre on this site and Ousite this site youre private life..
    that is so inportent ,and why because you are the head of this site...
    God gave you the gift and inpsperation to put this site in the air..

    for there are a lot of lost ones and lost souls walking around on the net ..
    wich is also ......a bate place for the evil...

    This is what he also put on my heart..

    How is youre daughter doing....?
    the one that sings..
    the last time i heard here singing (beautifull voice ,please tell her to keep singing and dont let her put that voice in the ground)

    i heart sumthing in her voice ...
    maybe she was just tired or she was doing ok ..
    but what i feld...

    is that she is ofcourse close with you...

    its simpel sis....

    when mommy is sad she feels is...

    that doesnt mean you have to go hide it like some moms do ..
    you know faking smiles ...cause daughters can feel it anyway...


    the only job you have ,and the only thing you can do ...

    is to connect with the highest..God......(holy spirrit ,talk with jezus)
    walk with him talk with him Obey him....

    and everything will fall on its place again and go well...
    and that counts for her to...

    About the Man comming into youre life...

    The one ,that someone you long for ,i am there with you...

    manny sisters .and brothers .deal with this....
    long for someone ...not just someone ..that one...
    but ...
    first we make the mistake ....
    that we always Forget how powerfull god is...
    after our first relationship......or passing loved one...
    for some loved ones..

    we always think in the fase of the grieve.....
    that there will be no one like that person that is in youre heart mind or head..

    because We JUST UndeR estamate God....
    somehow we think ...........when we like that person ..
    who does not love you the same way back as you feel about that person........"' well but he is the only on who can make me feel that way..."".......

    ...Yeah ....right and so you will spend youre whole life alone...cause there is no one else who makes you feel that way....

    feel what way.......?

    Is that what God is saying ?

    that you feel in a sertain way with someone but you can not be with that person so you just end up with someone.......You just married with ..but you dont feel that Sumthing That Strong given from god ..that love that makes you want to be with that person .....that connection that you can laught .together learn ,love that what you disired for ........cause god knows all about ours hearts and feels and disires..

    God is a rightious god...
    and he doesnt want no one to settle for les...
    or to be unhappy with someone or wants us to have a fake realation ship with someone......


    He sees is as sumthing Holy....

    God says that ...he made Woman and man the beginning ...
    and that he formed out of the the rib he took from adam...a rib ..

    and FORMed MOULD a woman....

    Formed i like that word....

    he want us to be ready ......when he brings Those 2 People together...

    He brings together what is ment to be.....

    when 2 people feel the same for eachother .....and in there its that oneness..
    they were realy happy inside before ....they both feel it..
    cause you have to life in the truth before you meet that one ..
    somethimes when people found it doesnt mean that there are trials or temtation,even in marriages that are based on true love ..they have there trails but God wont separate them.....somthimes he brings people together to after breake ups


    that caunts for you to destee....caunts for us all here at this site....

    But we have to give god the oppertunaty ...
    to fullfill his will in us his truth..his real love...
    somthimes he has to clean up somthings...(we have to do that to ofcourse ,is a colabboration, change things change youre behavior)

    Destee.....:rolleyes: i believe there is someone for you..

    now i dont know if you believe that to...

    i hope so other wise he can not come in to yourelife..

    Just ask god for Guidance ,just ask him to bring the person he has ment for you into youre life ,Wich will OFCOURSE be the person who you have longed for all youre life because youre his other half ...............

    (PPP FFFF I wish I hope peopel would get it....cause its so beautifull and it will spare a lot of heartbreakes i know somthimes that is all a part of it to........wich is a waist of time cause in that means time we could help homeless people or do other inportent things..)

    and to make you ready when he walks in to that door the door of youre heart and that you are ready ..
    so that it is real and that you take good care of him....when he is there..
    and that he takes good care of you when you are there..

    Destee sis...

    i hope i did sound to you like i had the inpression that you are desperate or sumthing..cause i know you are not and you are just working hard ...
    and i know you search for god always..,but god put it on my heart to tell you this..
    i know LOL i remember youre question that could pop out a lot of worms ..
    i have to laught about it everytime that i think about it and i feel you sis...
    LOoool i love You:flowers: i love all of you here,i love you fam:flowers:

    Put youre full Trust In Yahovah Alpha Omega ,Put Him First

    he sees everything ,he watches you ,protects you,he knows youre disires..

    Invite the holy spirrit with love..

    he will guide you,

    walk with jezus....
    Follow his path ,it aint always easy but..
    he fights the battle for you..
    dont do it alone sis..
    he is there ....

    and he takes you to places of calm waters...

    and remember God made you You are a perfect creation in his eyes...

    You are beautifull....(in side, outside,what is not beautifull from the inside he makes it beautifull,and because of that you will shine more from the outside)
    and for the man that will come into youre life ..
    will see that Only You will be the most beautifull woman of the world for him
    because is trough gods eyes he sees you and loves you and sees the beauty in you when he lookes at you...
    and th eother way around to ...

    BeCAUSE You Are Made FOr Him..
    and he is made for you...............:flowers: haleluja!

    Remember that....
    i miss you in chat
    i miss you all ,and i will be there again on gods time..
    i love you Destee and i send you now that huge .....
    remember the one i did last time on the webcame camera in the chat

    Bye the way....

    This counts for all the SISTERS AND BROTHSRS here on destee,s place I love :flowers: You........

    :rolleyes: i have spoken...

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    halleluyah the name of Ausar...GET UP AND WALK !!! Praise be his holy son HERU...GET UP AND TALK !!!!! Oh thank ya Auset for thy blessings and the gift and light that you have brought unto the world as a living example from thy DIVINE WOMB...LET THE DEAD RISE !!!...LET THE DEAD HEAR !!!

    In the name of the Mother !!!
    In the name of the Father !!!
    In the name of the Son !!!

    OH [email protected] !!!...I thinks I feel the spirit rockin this mornin !!!.....I thinks I got a message for ya....I thinks its [email protected] ! Lucifer, what you doing hangin round !!??...and who all those other jokers with ya ???

    Say what !!??...God just kicked yall out of heaven for urinating in his golden bowls !?
    So what !! ain't nothin but angel piss !
    God wants yall to do what !!!??...

    Hold on, you tellin me that God wants you to give it to the people and tell em it's Holy Water !???

    you joking, right ??...

    Hey lucifer, let me ask...lucifer ?..where ya at ???

    I'll be [email protected] !! I thought I had a message for yall this morning. I just lost my connection.

    Hold on...411..yeah, could you dial 777-7777 for me ?

    Oh the lines busy right now ?

    Okay, I'll try in the mornin, thanks !
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    Keita ?

    uhh i am sorry ...

    .i dont realy get you ...

    is this possitive or negative ?

    help me to understand you brother.....

    and to know where youre comming from..

    cause you are my brother and i love you

    understanding is a part of love to...

    people may not agree with eachother all the time...

    but we can listen to eachother ....
    to know where that person is comming from..

    every one has a story ..
    a background....
    experiances ...where they come from..

    and everyone has a story to tell...

    you tell me yours ..
    and i tell you mine..

    and we leave it with love...

    i hope i get the change to talk with you again one time in chat...

    ,i was one time in a class of you when you told about obelisc ,
    you were always nice and friendly.and it was always interesting to listen to..

    i mean i dont have to agree with everything..

    but i listened.....

  4. Auroraflower

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    destee ?

    have you readed the messsage yet?....

  5. Destee

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    betwixt and between
    Sister AuroraFlower ... :love: ... Thank You !!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

    I was so surprised, honored, and excited ... as i read your words !!!

    Whenever God gives you a word for me Sister AuroraFlower ... please give it to me !!!

    As i read your words ... i couldn't help but think ... how does she know this?!!! :)

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sister ... Thank You !!!!! :flowers:

    You always give something good and positive :thanks:

    You know what Sister AuroraFlower ... please tell me if i am wrong ... but i believe i read or heard that we are the church. Each body is the temple of God, and therefore ... we are always there ... aren't we??

    Yes, i do try to surround myself with warm, loving, positive, encouraging Sisters and Brothers! I am blessed beyond compare, in this regard, as i have you ... your warm sweet Spirit ... and so many others that share a part of themselves with me and this community.

    God is Good.

    Thank you Sister for thinking of me, caring about me, taking the time to share what God has put on your heart for me. I am honored.

    I love you Sister AuroraFlower !!!! :kiss:

    I miss your beautiful smile and angelic voice singing to us !!!

    Please come back in soon ... okay ???

    I LOVE YOUUUUU !!! :love:



    ps ... don't pay attention to Brother Keita ... God is still working on him !!! :wink:

  6. Auroraflower

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    :huh: :rolleyes: YES ! haleluja...

    (Christ is the body).....

    and that is the tempel

    we are all the cells.............

    YESSSSSSS LOVEEEEE you!:flowers:


    (i will be back in chat ,on gods time:huh: )

    (after i send my premnium:look: LoL

    i will, sweet, hopefully before the summer ,with the will of god)
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    :heart: yes he is working on us all.....

    and as long as we are open to work with him to let his love and guidance in.....

    we grow...and learn ..

    i want to ad sumthing...

    we are never finished and tolaly ready...
    cause we have a life time before us with the grace of god...
    and an eternity...We are contanly changing and learning...

    as long as we keep in touch with him...
    he will always will bring us peace and home..

    and bring us happynes..

    loveyou sis...:heart:

  8. Destee

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    betwixt and between

    YES YES YES SISTER ... we should always be growing, learning, changing ... i am always so glad to hear from you !!! :kiss:

    Sister ... voice video chat is open to the entire Family, almost all the time ... please come in any time ... don't wait until you're a Premium Member again ... that is not necessary!

    I LOVE YOU !!!