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    There are so many that hold this honor, but will begin with one that still remains alive today even in his death.

    Roger Troutman and Zapp
    Prince, Morris Day, Rick James, Shabba Doo (Ozone from Breakin) and MC Hammer all in one performer.

    Watch this 30 min Roger and Zapp session from the early formation of BET

    Live music... all live

    Today they call what Roger innovated (talkbox), "autotune", but he just like many other innovators and pioneers, found something and made it into a timeless interpretation of artistic entertainment. Anytime you hear T-Pain or Kanye West tap into that autotune fad, trace it back to the pioneer Roger.

    I mentioned T-Pain and Kanye because they have too become innovators of this modern era of arts and entertainment... for better or for worse, but credit to them for restarting and creating a trend that caught fire (and burnt the crap outta almost everything else, blah).

    T-Pain without talkbox/autotune
    T-Pain doesn't need it, but used it as a "new thing" to catch the attention of potential fans, and Kanye pushed it further trying to sound like Phil Collins.

    Kanye West Love Lockdown Live

    Also can't forget that Teddy Riley experimented with Roger's innovation as well.
    *R.I.P. Johnny Kemp*

    Feel free to reply to this and/or add some that you think have been alone in their own creation, and stand out in the crowded sea of recycled attempts to make good and entertaining music when people need something to take their minds away from "this crazy thing we call life".