Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : inner peace.....


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Jul 2, 2003
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Thanks Brother jamesfrmphilly
For posting this.

I read all twelve and know I have Inner Peace.

May Peace Unto all of You as Well!
Please allow me to outline a bit.

As complex as I am and life, along with being bombarded everyday sometimes all day by bull-shiite. It is hard to reach a point where things roll off your back like water off a duck's wing. It is attainable and possible. Just pray and be the best you can be from there it increases. see everything you have in life isn't yours. If you don't give you will not receive and GOD can not bless your plate when it is still full of all the things you should have passed along. like TIME, a dew dollars to help someone homeless, a kind word etc... So SMILE from the heart. Do your best and be HAPPY and BLESSED!

#1 - I act deliberately without fear. My past experiences have not be welcome by some that don't like decisions being made quickly and without them being able to just drag on getting the job done. What it has cost me is their good will. Oh well, they are now in line with so many others that have to take a back seat to not ever being a concern or their welfare being of concern to me.
#2 - I ENJOY every moment I breath and am alive to speak on, comment on and aid others if possible.
#3 - That has never been an issue. I was taught that after I became of the age to comprehend.
#4 - Mistakes, I have made some. Decisions I have made a lot. no true or real regrets and if along the way someone was
hurt by me. I will apologize. Do anything I can to try and make them whole. But I will never ever judge myself.
#5 - I work hard to avoid conflict to the point of loosing ground. I cant be humiliated, because stick and stones will beak
a bone and words don't mean a dam thing. A fight now I have never run. See I know me. I don't when to quit if it
came to that/ it is to the death as they say. Been in a few, lost a few, whooped some tail. My attitude is defuse the
situation, work around and not get involved, then if that isn't working go over it. Take the ridicule, insults what
ever as long as hands are not placed on me. Then it is time to take it straight forward. Otherwise I have no interest
in Conflict. It disturbs inner peace.
#6 - I will view others actions I will interpret others actions. as long as it is doing no wrong to me or others I know or I'm
in the vicinity of. ( like someone being bullied ) I will speak up. Otherwise do as you will and act up as much as one
likes. It really is not of any concern.
#7 - Another thing I was taught early in life. Wealth will be stolen, people will come and go. I have declared bankrupt flush all the non-sense down the toilet and have,
started over. No worries came out much better after the fact anyway. When it gets to be to much. Things, people are
cut loose like balloons on strings to float and be as they are. That job, fire me boss. In the market this very week..
because I said. To the boss. Let me go. This isn't the work place you have in your hand book, this isn't a place for me.
It is full of conflict, back-biting and gotcha moments waiting at every turn. The people here are liars
and if they want this job. I am asking for and seeking peace. Not in my life anymore. This morning I am interviewing
and the new job if I am selected pays $15 more an hour than I had last week. No worries.
#8 - I appreciate everyone's smiling face. I appreciate everything I have ever been blessed to see and do. GOD has truly
blessed me everyday. AMEN
#9 - I love people. They are so interesting and everyone is important. Everyone has something to give and share.
information, time and I have some I have met that are wealthy. They help a brother out and are always always there.
#10- THAT is ME! and haters don't like that.. MOVE over Satan!
#11- That is me.. always giving even if I don't give. I do appreciate because I am always offered. i don't beg, I try not to
borrow. But I am human. I wont borrow nor take unless it is positively absolutely
necessary. I am so blessed if I owe
my mechanic and I have ... $3,000.00 dollars. He allows me to make payments.
Just paid him off Saturday.
# 12 - I am unfolding to my destiny. it is so close that i know it. When I reach it I have
some definite plans. Then there are
some other things to do. One can not be so surrounded by money and wealth and
eventually not come into some or obtain some as well. I will get MINE!
Publishers Clearing House
Mega Million dollar lottery winners and I gave one of them the money to pay
once. She was looking for me in my usual hang out sports bars. story is I came in
a day late. She gone. She was a beautiful lady. waitress down on her
luck. I gave a few dollars and told her play that night. Not sitting waiting on a
lottery. I am blessed as mentioned
and I will survive. I let life UNFOLD. I am still unfolding.

Wrote a poem about it. Let life Unfold!

Don't Judge!

When we come here, there is a plan.
Rolled up tight, in the creators hand.
As he opens, we start our way. The
threads are black, and are gold some
days. Let him finish opening his hand.

Don't go around judging any man!
Look at the work if you care,
view our ways if you dare.
The hand will close, and life is gone.
Don't spend it caring... about
what went wrong.
Remember it's part of the master plan.
Rolled up tight in the creators hand!
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