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Apr 16, 2003
...down south...
College Student, Bookstore Clerk
How do I initiate to you
All the acts I would love to do
Tell you the dirtiest fantasies
The sexiest details of you and me
You and me all alone
Your eyes hypnotize me into a zone
No longer do I care what I do
My ultimate goal is to please you
There’s nothing too freaky for you
So I give it all, show it all, do it all to you
Instruct me, touch me, encourage me to be
What you want, need. You ready for r me?
Tired of being shy, tired of holding back
Tired of askin’ myself why won’t do that
Can’t wait to hold you close, and show you the
Most pleasurable ecstasies you’ve had from me
Hear your body calling me name
Hear my body moaning the same
So how do I initiate to you
All those things I wanna do
All those thoughts inside my head
Going back and forth like I want you in that bed
If I told you would you be taken aback?
Or would you whisper in my ear that you like that
I hate its takin’ over my mind
How I want to take you, lick you, kiss you--Yeah you’re all mine
Maybe it’s time I just took a chance
For tonight let’s forget about the romance
I want you to stroke me beyond the clouds
And I’ll ride you off into the sunset over the sounds
Of my screams, my moans, my nails scratchin’ your back
Flip to sides, over, under and back
Undeniably I can’t take this any longer
As I feel my cries come even stronger
All because I love what you can do my body
And I’d like to do the same and initiate this calling…
O' snap no need to wait any longer
cause da bliss just got stronger
no time for romance
just get naked and body dance
on the things u wannna do
another level opening up
to get right down freaky
come here !!!

This was red hot as i Initiate it all in...


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