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    Influence on the destinies of man.
    Gathering little by little.
    In whatsoever manner.

    That needs to be addressed
    Sufficient enough attractions
    Choosing alternatives picking something, must do either one or the other

    The whole thing is exhilarating
    To divide and distribute giving out promises of original intent

    Partaking of every moment
    That capacity to cohere, things must jell quickly
    To bring about a conclusion.

    A cluster of things in concert
    Have to be done at once
    Handling the business keeping it short and to the point
    We need to stick together

    Comprehend to over and under/stand
    In a small space in order to bring together
    Everyday things that are orderly

    Not bowing to brownnosing I must not be deterred
    Left not plundered careful not to break anything of anybody's I'm focusing on

    The manner in which I am held captive.
    It Is orchestrated and skillfully crafted
    From corner to corner

    It must be taken apart to see and to understand
    Getting to a peaceful place
    Getting things to a place of less clutter and a lot more sanitary
    Good feelings, circling around

    Bringing in my Family
    To help throw down

    An excitement of the mind.
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