Chief Elder Osiris : Influence of Western Culture On Black People

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    Hoteph Dear Beloved Shabaka:

    My dear beloved what you speak of and so reiterate about the character of
    western culture is so true but here is the pity and sad part about those of
    us who are of the Carbon Nation, Black , African or how ever we want to
    classify ourselves, the fact is, we victims of such deceit and cunningness
    do not want to hear nor even know of the Truth concerning our oppressors.

    As a matter of fact we go out of our range of sound reasoning so that we may
    be able to maintain the prop that sustain this hypocrisy displayed by
    members of the western world and this does not just apply to the western
    world, our behavior of denial I mean, it also apply to all other cultures
    that has had a hand in ripping our sanity out from our mind, preventing us
    from desiring the Truth but enable us to embrace the lie concerning western
    and so call Middle eastern culture, tools of our confinement and deception.

    It is a sad people who refuse to adhere to their own teaching, culture and
    traditions but rather submit to cultures that has a record of spewing filth
    about us and show no shame in their disrespect that they have for us Carbon

    As a matter of fact when we who have managed to step across that blinding
    line of deceit and begin to see clearly the reality of empirical truth,
    then we become labeled as the preacher of hate and not love.

    The preacher of hate are those who will stiffen the truth at all cost so
    that the western world lies may continue to serve as that mote in our eye,
    preventing us from being able to put on our psychic cap which will enable us
    to mentally see clearly the deceptive hypocrisy of those who has established
    a paradigm of religious deception built on the sand hills of belief, faith
    and hope.

    Yes my dear brother, what you speak is true but those of us you attempt to
    enlighten, desire not, nor do we want to be enlighten, that is if it is to
    conflict with the western world propaganda, concerning God, Universe and

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Nation