Black Poetry : Indoctrination Slaves To The State

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    Slaves to the state, from the veins, incubation cursed, Oh beyond the retched pow’er of the blind, dignity stand de’ womb, I cry in silence as the lord pleads my cause, death in the bewildered who lives in the eyes of the slave of the state of hell, thy womb da’ ancestors cries, I shall not sleep until the curse is removed, the benefit shall not be from da’ milk of de’ breast, thy troubling heart shall not be disgrace, I shall benefit from the spirit of warriors, that broke the chains, Oh de lord stands by the courage of my tribe, nevertheless you steal the nutrients of my cradle, I shall fight from cradle to da’ grave. That lingers to live upon God’s house the soul of the soul son, de’ master Lord God.

    Image from the black sparring clay, black rivers that created the image I wear, Wraith of the slave trade, I claimed my freedom, from the envy of man, yet they continue to set traps, I shall not bow over, my legacy written in the script of gold, I drink from the golden cup of the trading rills; I am the soul of humble many don’t know my name,
    I sit in this darkness slave to the state, sinless slavery; of we shall over come, slave to the state call horror. As school leaving age arrives, my future prospects become clear. Within this 8/11 cage called mind, I lie in a shallow coffin, implant of dying roses, with the dignity of slaves, I cry out loud, I’ se waiting for the humble lord, he say trouble won’t last forever,
    The dignity of a slave shall stand in the mist of an hour, let not the servant confused his powers, yea, yea the surrender is not unto man, but the loyalty to the defense of I suffer upon the cross of my brother, I give sacrifice upon my self to the lord, I have felt my brooder pain, in the mist of de’ hour. Satan you have brought me to the other side of closure, I have benefit from my life labor.

    I ‘se wait my 40 aches and a mule, I ‘se stand tall in the dignity of my lord, I'll benefit from my blood supplement of the lord.
    The deposit blood from my ancestors, plantation with my signature, heat of the sun, revolution, the golden script, my epithet speaks, my constitution governed by the lord, proclamation signed in blood, cries from the raging flag, oh say can you see, by the Christ early light,
    As school leaving age arrives, fear upon my Chilean eyes, lord de blessings become clear, a slave to the state, blind justice, deters the summary of dead minds, prospects become clear. I cry not for this blinded world, de servant will be the one who at de lords table, and the avenger will hold de’ door ancient ere slave master began.

    My instructions come de little black book. I shed no tears, I cry de pain of world, de lord say, I ’se the black stallion of the skies.
    Rising above the slave state call hell, releasing the toxins of fear, under minding the liberties of de lord, lord said man, devil say slave, lord say I speak, slave shall be no more.
    I sit upon de 8/11 cage, blood dripping from my back, blood from the palms of my hands, lynching tree awaits my neck, Chilean surround my tree, but yet I write the proclamation of my Chilean, I shall return, I the savior have laid upon the rotten tree, bonded hands and feet’s.
    I shall continue to come, until my proclamation is complete, the lord takes me to the fire, I feel no pain, Unity to I cry Chilean I prepare a place before the sky, the proclamation I write in my blood.
    My finial act I shall return, but unto thee my Chilean I leave the proclamation of my death, I shall live upon the skies, I return within the spirit of your heart, I shall continue to be with you until the end, the lord almighty say faith within me. I sleep no more in de mist of dawn or in the midnight shade,
    Invoke ideal the black mask to my aid, de brother in black skin;
    He pleads for the bounty of my head, dignity stands, at greed, change hands, the hidden secret, the bounty ,de brother’s sold de; to the lynch man, I cry in secret, my people dignity, the hands of de brother’s, who sold me to the slave blocks, upper nigge’ry who sent my flesh to hell;

    Nor wake again, in the hidden places, cries upon my trust
    De brother in black face, awaits the gold cones,
    I cry in the mist of the night, betrayal of thy tribe,
    abandon’s and forlorn,
    the souls that lives with the dungeons of hell.
    Delusions slow coming death

    The black holocausts that retrieves the death of vain, continues to live in the symmetry of shame, the voice cries beyond the grave, dignity without conscious of the tribes of Judah, for who so live by the lynch men rope, shall long suffer, in the eyes of the almighty God.
    The eyes of the black veil of darkness, the betrayal of Jesus, the eyes of the dark, the brothers who set before the devil, the souls cries out.

    Sanctuary of oppression, the rusted links, lust of gold.
    Where-e'er the hell-hounds the spirits cry out loud
    their bloody way the broken link,
    Africa groans, and man abandon their post.
    In the wild wastes of Africa’s sandy plain,
    roars of the lion thro' the smell of death,
    Man who relinquish his heritage, whom become divided
    In the name of black race.

    Un detour the solid history of the bleeding fountain, and the Niles that turn to blood, and the roars of the beast, killed and bound in a cage, as the spirits that cannot longer be peace.
    The crying trees, the hungry legacies, that cry for nutritionist
    The savages that slaughter the subjects of mages ‘try, who becomes the servants of the land, history repeats, oh where or thou brother
    The black holocaust repeats
    Heav'n planted, in the minds, and death upon the land, and treason cries upon the grave, a plague upon the world, the black face without honor of self, dignity that dies, the serpents captures, the living soul​
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    Da underworld of unjust and the trade of slaves i weep

    sista u really hitting home with a masterful outreach continue on please !