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    My Brother and Sisters I would like to bring to your attention a large problem that has existed for years, and is just developing more and more within our midst every day. Thus it must be brought to the eye’s of the unaware, for there are those amongst us who are constantly violating the laws of Islam, by using mathematics as a tool for their own personal gain, and not for the growth and development of our nation. They tend to forget the value of giving life and only want to be recognized through their power to take life. These people are called, “Praise Seekers”, because they want to be glorified through the power they have over other peoples lives. These are the same individuals who are constantly saying things to be idolized by the public, but when they are behind closed doors it is a totally different thing because their sub-conscious begins to affect their true purpose which is totally contrary to that they are always manifesting. The duty of God is to teach the unaware and misled, even if they have been awakened before. It is the duty of God to find out what made that man choose death over life? Was it a misunderstanding of Islam? Was it a lack of encouragement? Was it that he seen things in Brothers that were not Godly? Or was it that he was not ready for the position of God? These are the thoughts of our babies, Brothers and Sisters who are young in intelligence, while going through trials and tribulations of life. So it is the duty of God to be the light that guide them to the path that will lead them to the gates of eternal peace… So we the true and living God will not benefit from taking a man on a cold journey to Pluto without seeing what he has discovered here on Earth. You see there is nothing right about leading a man in the wrong direct-ion, for example; When you send too much energy into a wire that can not hold that much energy, it will burn out…. Well it is the same way with a man who is fed too much knowledge, or food or in all reality life. Not knowing that the food that he rejected is life, and the only road to salvation. So be always aware of those amongst us who dedicate their lives to finding fault in their Brothers, so they can hide their own faults. These are the people who radiate their powers through the weakness of others, yet they constantly place themselves in Allah’s’ position, by judging others, not understanding that he who places himself first shall become last when the day of eternal life comes. You see when a man makes himself strong from the weakness of others, he himself is weak, for he tends to be dependent upon the weakness of others to be recognized. Showing and proving that he does not have the qualities to be God, for he lacks inner strength. In obtaining strength, one must not prey on the weakness of others, for he destroys himself for the fault and even within him are manifested. When he justifies his iniquity by degrading others. There is no justification for the one who tries to shine through the error of his Brothers, through that which he knows not, for he is not a Brother at all but a leech that sucks the vital energies of his Brothers through that which he knows he lacks. Therefore when a man claims he is great at the expense of his Brother, he makes himself inferior through his ways and actions, for a great man does not seek praise, nor glory. In fact he is humble and deals on a normal level, yet his greatness is personified by the reality of who he is and what he does. When a man because of his knowledge rejects the advice and truth of his Brother, he tends to become offensive and indignant because he thinks because he has obtained a degree of know-ledge, no one can tell him anything. Brothers like these are a threat to the advancement of our babies with their superior attitudes, not knowing that this haughty attitude discourages the young and makes doubt be-come known within their midst. You see there are many who try to justify their weakness in the form of humiliating and downgrading their Brothers, and we know that he who seeks praises from the weak is weaker than the negative thought he possesses. We know and now recognize the reason for this negativity, and has been brought to the attention of the true and living. Therefore the answer is to dispose of these so-called individualist, for the wise man always destroys negativity from within and that’s what must we do and the time is Now!!!

    Peace!( Proper Education Always Corrects Errors! ))
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