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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is no Nation that is viewed as a Great Nation, that is not intelligent secured, self - Reliance, self -sufficient, economic stable, political savvy, with a Profound theological base and Military strong to protect those values, and it be such a Nation that establish its own Moral compass and such a Nation carry the prestige and influence that grab the attention of all other Nations that do not rise up to possess such an equality among Nations, they ending up being the subjects to the greater Nations and when a Nation is Great and lack a sound theological base, meaning a base that require that all Nations are to be regarded with the utmost of respect and should provide assistance when needed to other Nations, without the attitude of a conquering superior Nation.

    Those Nations of greatness today, do not operate on such a Divine Principle of live and let live, without the powerful taking advantage of the weak Nations in the world, so it should not be expected by the Nation of dependency to receive nothing more than what is provided to you by those great Nations and it be those great Nations that plant the seed of individual want, and it become a way of life acceptance by those Weak Nations, so it be the Strong Great Nations keeping the Weak from thinking collectively as a Nation and as the Honorable Marcus Garvey say, a Nation that live in dependency is a Nation that can not feed itself and in such a position, you become a Nation of beggars that is Divided, only out for your individual self.

    A People that live their Life based on want and such a want is confined to the individual method of doing things only for the individual self, then it really do not be what the individual has done to satisfy such wants, it be the great Nation that hold the Individual Life in its hand that allow such an appearance of success in individual life essentials accumulation, serving to be the benefactor of the individual action, because by the individual action, it serve not the best interest of the collective group, of which the individual is a member, thus you have a people collectively serving to the wishes and desires of the Great Nations, they seeing to it that the collective many is never to rise as a collective independent Dynamic Group.

    Therefore the Great Nations of the World, they have perfected all methods of deception, used against the weak Nations now programmed to believe that Individual Want is mush better than Fighting for the Collective Need, and when a Nation become divided by the use of the privilege of the Individual want, it be the Collective Need that end up suffering for the lack of Collective Unity, a clear example of the result that come from a Nation that no longer subscribe to the action of the Collective Unity and now subscribe to the Individual Want, then I invite you to observe the Brand New Afrikan Human Beings, Representatives of a broken and Divided Black Nation.

    When dealing with the Divine Truth about what has been the cause to bring about a divided and scattered Black Nation, such a Divine Truth require that you identify the evil with the Good, the Good mascurading as being that which has been accomplished by the individual action and not the action of the Collective Many, serving as the foot stool of those Great Nations that many of the Individuals of the collective Many praise, because of the permission by the Great Evils Nations have allowed the Individuals to full fill their Wants, often Time assisting the Great Evil Nations in performing the propaganda against the Collective Many, having such A life action to be a requirement of the Individual action, in order for the Individuals to achieve their wants at the Great Evil Nation permission.

    Individuality as a personal social acceptance is one thing, but individuality that prevent a political Governing Collective Body to act collectively in defense against the Greatness of the Evil Nations that oppress the weak, such serve to the detriment of the Collective Body of the Many, and no better Truth can be verified than the present condition of a Divided Black Nation today, reaping the benefits of evil Great Nations, because of the individual Divisive action by a Divided Black Nation,

    Individuality serve to the pleasure and benefit of the Individual, but by the action of collective Group Dynamic Relationship of a Nation, such will serve establishing the Sovereignty of a Collective Unified Nation, whose goal and intent will be to serve the Collective Many Need and not Wants, a state of condition the Black Divisive Nation aspire to accomplish, based on individual efforts, such being beholding to the Great Evil Nations.

    I will prefer Group Collective Dynamic Relationship among the Black Nation over Individual accomplishments,one is achieved by the action of the collective Many and the other is given to the Individual compliance to the wishes of the Greatness of the Evil Nations, they serving to be the Lucifer's of the world, in pursuit of power over all of the Worlds on this Planet we call Earth.

    Therefore as things are set up now by the Great Evil Nations, the actions of Individuals Members of a Collective Groups, serve to be the enemy to the Collective Many, doing all that they can to prevent a Collective Dynamic Relationship from being established by a Divided Black Nation, because the Individual serve at the pleasure of the Evil Great Nations.

    It is Want that blind you and prevent you from being able to See the greatness of the Good that come from Collective Unified Need, having a willingness to do what is required of you to do, in order to provide the greatef Good to the Collective Many, expressing a Dynamic Relationship among the all of the Collective Group.

    As it stand today, Black so call Afrikans have chosen Individuality over Collective Group Dynamic Relationship and the Black Nation suffer from not having such a Vision of Understanding of the value of Group Dynamics in Unity.

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