Black Poetry : Indigo Jones (The Finale)

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    The third and final time of our initial encounters proved
    to be absolutely pivotal to any type of relationship that
    could possibly evolve between Indigo Jones and I.

    I was working late Thursday before last {coincidentally
    preparing several briefs for Indigo’s agency}. Little did
    I know that she was to be the one presenting my findings for
    her company to Asian investors wanting American exposure.

    I had worked all day on the briefs and had enough rough
    drafts to finally present to Indigo for her review and approval.

    I headed to the elevator to drop the manuscripts off in the Ad
    agency’s night drop-off box begrudgingly thinking that as a
    result of my work, I was going to make that feisty little heifer
    some serious cash.

    By this time, it was hella late—almost 11:45 PM to be exact.
    Now the Towers Office building has 40 floors. My office was
    located on the 24th floor and Indigo’s was on the 37th. This
    building was a beautiful piece of architectural work but the
    damned elevators were painfully slow but very quiet and huge.

    Either I was tired or bored shitless because before I knew it, I
    was singing some song out loud as the elevator made its way
    from the penthouse to my floor. It was all copasetic though
    because no one else possibly could be in this building at this
    ungodly hour to hear my awful singing.

    The elevator finally made its way down and after what
    seemed like eternity, the doors opened up. I entered in
    and pushed the button for the 37th floor. True to its
    nature, the elevator took it’s time but the ride was
    smooth and the elevator music sounded pretty good.

    I reached my destination and got off the elevator and
    made my way to the Ad agency’s night drop-off spot.
    I had been up here before but not down this particular
    hall. Indigo’s office was just about two or three doors
    down from the drop-off box. I got to the box and
    started to drop off the envelope in the slot when I heard
    what I thought was a Jill Scott tune coming out of Indigo’s

    “You’ve got to be kidding me” I thought to myself.
    “What would someone be doing here at this time
    of the night”. I scoffed in disbelief and turned in
    the direction of the elevator. I suppose my curiosity
    was trying to get the better of me because I found
    myself asking myself in thought “what if it’s Little
    Miss Thang in there?”

    At this time, my inquisitiveness began to turn into a
    little horniness because I realized that I had gotten
    a semi-hard erection. Was it the possibility of it being
    Indigo in the office? Or was it me visualizing four things:
    Me, Indigo, an empty office building, and us going at it
    like rabbits on top of her desk. Yeah, that’s what it had
    to be I thought!

    So naturally, my erection talked me into checking out
    what the situation was.

    I walked up to the door and softly rapped on it twice.
    The door swung open almost instantly and there stood
    Indigo. She had a startled look on her face much like
    the one I had when I heard the music coming from her

    “What are you doing here?” she asked. I must’ve
    been startled or something myself because I didn’t
    say a word for several seconds. Or maybe it was
    because Indigo had on a tight fitting blouse revealing
    erect nipples and some cut-off jeans. She reminded
    me of Halle Berry in Boomerang. I swear she was
    the splitting image.

    “Ahh, Umm, excuse me I was just dropping off your
    briefs in the night box”, I finally said. “I didn’t
    mean to frighten you if I did.”

    “No not at all”she replied. “I thought I was the only
    one in here this late.” “So you came all the way up
    here to say excuse me?”

    I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about
    and at this point I didn’t even care because my
    previously semi-erection was now a full-blown
    erection. I was lucky I was still in my suit to hide
    my excitement. Then it dawned on me that she
    was referring to the other day when we bumped
    into each other in the co-ed’s.

    “Oh yeah, right” I quipped. “Excuse me for the
    other day.”

    “It’s forgotten” she said. “But I tell you what, you
    can give a girl a ride home if you don’t mind.” Of
    course I said it wouldn’t be a problem.

    “Come on in and make yourself comfortable. It won’t
    take long for me to finish up here.”

    We both walked into her office which was humongous!
    Large enough to house a sofa, loveseat, wetbar,
    and a big screen TV. Now I thought I was living
    hella large, but Indigo definitely had it going on!

    She asked me if I wanted a drink, I said yes, and
    she poured us both a glass of Hennessy V.S.O.P. neat.
    She handed me my drink and proceeded back to her
    marble-top desk and began to put papers away.
    She must’ve sensed me looking at her because she
    looked up and politely smiled at me—a far cry from
    this girl who was about to bite my damned head off
    only a couple days ago.

    “You know Alex I never told you this but I think
    you’re a very handsome man, she said, and I
    always wanted to tell you that but you seemed
    to be so uptight all the time.”

    “I think you need to loosen up and have a good time.
    Wouldn’t you like that?”

    By this time, all I could see myself doing is grabbing
    her pretty little self and kissing and licking every
    inch of her. Before I realized it I was making a
    beeline straight towards her desk! Acting on
    instinct and the immediate rush that the cognac
    had given me, I was inches from Indigo’s face
    when she asked “well, what now Alex?”

    That was the green light I subconsciously had
    been waiting on. I planted a small kiss on Indigo’s
    cheek and then pulled her close to me and hugged
    her. Her nipples were still hard, my penis even harder
    now. I’m sure she could feel me through my clothing
    but at this point, I didn’t care to conceal my stimulation.

    We kissed deeply for several seconds before I found
    myself cupping her firm breasts in both my hands. I
    could tell from her slow moans that she was enjoying
    this just as much as I was. Moving as if we were on
    a dance floor, we made our way over to the sofa and
    sat down, both breathing heavily. Catching my breath,
    I pulled back a little from Indigo and said “Indigo,
    you’re a beautiful and desirable woman. And honestly
    speaking, I’d like nothing more than to make love to
    you right here and right now, but I don’t think it would
    be proper-at least not at this time and definitely not
    here. If it’s ok with you, I’d like to take you to dinner,
    perhaps tomorrow evening. Then perhaps catch a
    play or something. Contrary to what just happened,
    I do respect you as a woman.”

    “Why Alex, I think that is so cool of you. You’re the
    first man I’ve come across who acts decent. Now you
    know why I have an attitude at work most of the time.
    Most of the men who approach me make it well known
    that they want just sex and nothing else. So I
    play the corporate “business only” role so they’d
    stay away. I must admit that I had you initially labeled
    as one and the same but I later found myself attracted to
    you. Since I had taken on the all business persona,
    especially with you these past few days, I really
    would have felt silly had I stepped to you and told
    you how I really felt. But I do apologize for
    stereotyping you.”

    “It’s cool. So what about it? Take me up on my offer?”

    “Of course Alex” she said.

    We departed the office complex and I drove her
    home, gave her a nice little kiss goodnight and made
    a date for the next evening.

    We’ve been dating for the past 18 months now
    and there’s even talk about marriage. **** it
    felt good to be a gentleman of substance!
    Ladies we're not all bad.
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    GQ, This was soooooo nice and sweet. I loved it. Great ending. I want more pwease!

    This was my bedtime story. Thank you and Good night.:D

    MadLove:heart: Coco
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    yo nice story man