Brother AACOOLDRE : Indictments for Murder

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    For Murder

    VICTIM: Christ Jesus aka, Joshua Sun of Nun, I am, Jehovah, Emmanuel/Amen, Hoshea
    The Rock, Balaam, The Lamb, Ben Pandira and King Tutankhamen.

    Date of Homicide: 1352 BC
    Method of death: Hanging and torture
    Location: Egypt (Rev 11:8)
    Motive: Switching allegiance from Aten/Aton to the priesthood of Amen
    Alibi: Time and place of murder was in 34-36AD under Pilate in Israel.

    The ACCUSED: Phinehas, Moses & Eli

    1. The Talmud states Phinehas killed Jesus. Phinehas was High priest to Moses and Pharaoh Akhenaten who introduced the cult of Aten/Aton. Aten was symbolized by the rays of the sun. Phinehas is credited with giving Israel an Atonement by killing two people Zimri and Cozbi. But the real individuals were Tutankhamen and who ever was accompanying him (Numbers 25:5-16). Jewish editors cut and pasted fictional names in replace of real names to hide the real assassination (see Christianity an ancient Egyptian religion By Ahmed Osman pp.141-142).

    2. On Jesus death some of his last words were “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? That is to say my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46). Is it a coincidence that Eli is also the name of Phinehas father? (1 Samuel 1:3). Some people speculate Eli is a reference to the power of breathing or decreased in strength of the Sun (Have the light of Life” John 8:12 ) And it’s a well known fact that the Egyptians equated life and death with sunrise and sunset.

    3. Moses wrote a death warrant for Jesus: “A prophet who speaks in the name of other Gods, must be put to death”-(Deuteronomy 18:18-20). The last chapter of Deuteronomy 34:9-10 names this prophet as Joshua, sun of Nun another name for Jesus (Acts 3:22 &8:37) Jesus was known as the Rock. There is a story about Moses hitting a rock and the community drank from it (Numbers 20:11) The community, commune drinking from one source is a reminder of the cup we drink in remembrance of Jesus life. God was displeased with Moses and Aaron about the waters of Meribah where the Israelites quarreled with the Lord” (Numbers 20:13).It seems more likely the rock and water was symbolic of a person. Paul wrote “And did all drink the same spiritual drink:for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them and that rock was Christ” (1Corinthians 10:4).Jewish redactors unable to deal with the truth edited out the reality and replaced it with a parable.

    Supporting Evidence

    A. Jesus equates his death with the killing of firstborn during the Exodus.
    B. Christians equate Jesus death as an Atonement (for Aten a religion of Eli & Phinehas).see Romans 5:11

    C. Jesus in the NT claims he was like the bronze snake held up on a pole by Moses (John 3:14). In Egypt a serpentine crocodile in Egyptian myth healed injured parties. The word for messiah in Egypt was crocodile when the fat of the animal was used to anoint Egyptian Kings.

    D. When the Exodus happened Jews painted houses with a hyssop/reed brush with the Blood of Lambs/symbol for Amen (Exodus 12:22). John linked Jesus death with the exodus (John 19:29). Incidentally, when Egyptians died they went to field of Reeds. Paul picks up again with atonement, the hyssop branch and Christ in Hebrews 9:1-28

    E. The Talmud reports Jesus was lame (physically disabled). King Tutankhamen was disabled with a spine disease. The book of Isaiah claims he was infirm.The Talmud also called Jesus the son of Pandira an Egyptian word for Son of Ra which all Egyptian kings were called.

    F. Akhenaten Hymn to Aten is reproduced as Psalm 104. Homer, the poet may have copied a line from the hymn of Aten to say the that the Nile dropped down from heaven. The Israelites must have looked up to Akhenaten for his poem to appear in his bible. I know that the Levite priest came from Akhenaten’s jurisdiction in a city in Egypt (Mal-Levi) meaning city of Levites. When the Levite priest went to Egypt they had no land and caused Tithes to be introduced (Numbers 18:20-32).
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