Black Poetry : Indian Summer-the breath of mercury


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Apr 14, 2001
somewhere out there
I carry a ghost defined by memories
intangible reflections of tangible moments
that speed past so fast
my head spins in all directions at once

my body reels and shudders from a chill
that is so warm the sun itself feels
like ice...and I burn slowly
like kerosene pulled through
the wick of a lamp

flickering on an old mahogany table
in the center of space
with spheres of recollection
revolving in collapsing orbits
around me

and I pause to consider
a particular moment
that pulsates like a newly born star
within my menagerie of thought
and the unforgettable bliss of
remember when

our lips charted tongues of flame
and we became our own language
deciphered through touch
spoken in frenchkiss vernacular
that gave us both a headrush
so spectacular we fell out of ourselves
and into each other and out of sync

with the there and then
which was the here and now
of the moment when we held
the world together and tasted the sea
churning behind our lips



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May 23, 2001
Now this is...

so uniquely different. Visuals are on every line. You paint so well. I have not had the pleasure of welcoming you. Obviously, you have more jewels here somewhere. I love to go back, so I am sure I will run across some mo of yo beautiful work.

Loving your style and perception...Joyce


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
u have posed a picture of another kind .......Thankz


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May 25, 2001
Sixburgh, Pa.
Spreading Joy.... need some?

This is so beautiful and nicely flo'd. If this is your Oops! Scribe On Poet! Tight piece. I'm diggin it.

Poetically Turn'd Out!
CCBSKYN :heart:

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