Black Poetry : Indian Summer-earthsong

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    somewhere out there
    Indian Summer- earthsong
    by legendof_1_spirit

    The waves roll slow and sure
    Like the angelic breath of a newborn
    Each rise and fall tickles memories
    Within my life-spring and I walk down
    Avenues of past blooms until
    My pulse captures a falling flower
    A buried memoir from a distant shore
    And I pause there within the stare
    Of an erstwhile vision of a child
    Small and lost amidst a crowd
    Of blurred colors splashed across
    A stand of cheers and waving hands
    That fragment light into a thousand sparkles
    Earthborn stars shout encouragement and praise
    To others locked in their universe of life

    My name is called from within the maelstrom
    The wind bellows suddenly in my father’s voice
    And reaches out to me
    Lifting me upon a breeze of familiarity
    And the clarity of family love
    My feet rose and fell, rose and fell
    My mind strained against the confines
    Of my limited body
    My sight flickered and dropped
    In the memory of a child I ran
    Urged on by determined will alone
    Three weeks earlier
    I stood at the top
    Gold pulling me down
    From the number one spot
    Today I was lost in a war
    To maintain the number five slot
    Thunder rumbled at my back
    A few more yards
    A few more feet
    A few more inches

    A child’s mind cursed his body for being weak
    And wished he was bigger, faster
    But he was not
    Then he wished the world were smaller, slower
    But it was not
    Then a father lifted his son upon his shoulders
    And a mother through tear stained eyes
    Captured a moment with a flash of brilliance
    And smiled at her husband and her son
    And together they moved as one

    As the waves continue to roll
    I hold on to that memory
    As I hold U next to me
    And looking out at the sun
    Casting its rays upon the sea
    I pray that one-day
    The husband and wife will be
    U and I, lifting our son to the sky
    In his moment of believed defeat.
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    I read this twice and itz still too deep for me tonight :)
    Guess I'll try again later...

    peace n :heart:
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    Beautifully and metaphorically delightful!

    This was absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed it , not only the imagery but the sentiment involved and the way you intermingled the elements of nature were marvelous! Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings on Ya House!:D