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    We all here like PAUL REVERE he rode ponies and now we hold //
    A load of ceremonies in celebration for the devastation of the bold //
    DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, it is world known that we hurl //
    a strong US FLAG and oh yes we brag about its success in the world //
    AMERICA was born 4 July 1776, and THOMAS JEFFERSON played //
    A part, the war was disaster and misery but after the victory it made //
    Sense that they pop the top on some wine it was fun time many days //
    Went by in a bloody war against ENGLAND, but then they were the 13 //
    ORIGINAL COLONIES an alert team with no apologies to give,k it seem //
    There freedom was first and foremost hardcore as a host soldiers ready //
    To fight for the Declaration of Independence, so let's throw up the confetti //
    through the mud and dust they fought for the love of us so we may be free //
    Of ENGLAND's tax laws, deft in the mind ENGLAND rules were left behind, see //
    What unity bring in a community that clings to justice and fairness it’s clear //
    the colonies didn’t seem to fear while listening with a keen ear wanted sincere //
    Taxation from ENGLAND, correct and distinguish like a dialect of English steer //
    the Colonies came to power, mistakes were written about GREAT BRITAIN, they //
    Would’ve loved to own this land, the strong plan of folks like JEFFERSON slayed //
    Their ideas, the freedom road is major really a code of behavior which displayed //
    The thirteen original colonies were renamed and became the UNITED STATES //
    OF AMERICA the birth of a nation, so the war forced frequent the updates //
    Of the course of event like the daily newspapers, so look it’s the 4th of July //
    And time flew by in VIRGINIA BEACH at SEARS TOWN see a girl true and fly //
    No fears around skin sincere and brown her beauty steer me around like a race- //
    Car her lace is silk wanna taste her milk wanna embrace her small built waist //
    Body so soft and sweet 4th of July party across the street a good time place //
    INDEPENDENCE BOULEVARD out front, her breasts fly and BEST BUY her breasts //
    So soft I bet she takes her dress off when home alone with boyfriend he jest rest //
    His head on her thighs so sweaty, ready his name eddie “boo let’s go lie down? //
    Her pies so brown love bugs flies around and now the HIP HOP such a nice sound //
    She desire to flirt but the fireworks under her skirt may explode her wet pound //
    Cake be hot a lot I want some, her boyfriend kiss her lips right there in house //
    She has phat lace, she at that place call home and her boyfriend tall and strong //
    And probably gonna break the bed getting some letting none get away a bone //
    For a dawg, she has pie crust and sweet wow I must speak to her home alone //
    THIS IS NICE AND magnificent day but need a different way to test my emotions yall //
    this BLACK HIP HOP English is a part of a distinguish mark and really devotions fall //
    I REMEMBER being with a queen with butter had a scheme of color ready to ball //
    doing love talk proceeding to spark and playing the part of a player have a tooth //
    cavity but there's proof gravity is in my game so we walk slow , talk and flow //
    we could be home and all but could run into a stone wall when we talk and go //
    to make love just want cake and a hug but that would make me late for the club //
    Adam was bless and now I enter into a pattern of stress, “would like to kiss and rub //
    your thighs love your eyes and pies got to be good, so wet and thirsty this could set //
    a controversy so have mercy on this girl you an Hershey kiss a silver bell and boo yet //
    you deliver well I still think of you and your thing is pink too, so I roll up on cats in //
    Cadillac and drop tops even maniacs have to stop and look I'm shock shook and then //
    start to rap to chicks, so like the ISLEY BROTHERS in between the sheets I bet you //
    a wet queen and sweet, NAW PLAYER I think you have a taste in your mouth it's true //
    you wanna take my lace to your house and play some cat and mouse so my kitten //
    is hidden and forbidden to you, the sex in your brain come out in the text written //
    to a dame you be gitting fame while on bed springs that's a shame, is it fitting //
    we be together, I guess love derived from kissing must survive the reminiscing //
    and strive my missing the excitement, when it comes to my thing twisting //
    it into a sweet wine that's how I keep mine and boys wanna sip with their lips //
    have to tell them to stop they well above the rim with HIPHOP and love scripts //
    a girl have to run and duck before sun up because at night boys be hype a trip //
    down lovers lane I remember this boy wanted some he jest got my tongue and //
    threw me in the bed I'm in a mini-skirt panties and bra cornflakes is his favorite brand //
    and my thighs flew open oh my I was so hot down there he tried to jump on top //
    and pump it a lot but I moved he missed and knock a hole in the pillows oh stop! //
    Feathers were everywhere I said to myself it clever if I get out of there I pull //
    down my skirt I'm brown and alert walk around and flirt he almost pull the wool //
    over my eyes like a Range Rover he tries to climb hills but no nickel and dime //
    thrills, he really wanted my brownie wow a Virginia Beach brown girl go through //
    a lot being a brown Soul Sister ain't easy and sometimes sleazy boys yell boo //
    his flows divine must hang these panties on the clothes line for real he jest begged //
    me to stay but no gotta go that was so close almost left my panties there, amazed //
    and prevail he wanted to blaze a trail through my jungle which is a bungle of glazed //
    donuts from KRISPY KREME then I'll be having twisty dreams waking up with wet panties //
    guess I'm a sleazy peach that can be easily reach on a breezy Virginia Beach dang nannies //
    won't baby sit this one crazy legit kiss run love affair, boys walk around observe the fannies //
    of girls so anyway got a plenty to say
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    won't baby sit this one crazy legit kiss run love affair, boys walk around observe the fannies //
    of girls so anyway got a plenty to say and it's windy today it may blow my skirt up but for now //
    my dress is down and my breasts are brown and for the rest won't hang around close wow //
    your attempt failed not a wimp female and you probably eat shrimp tail, confirmed the vapor //
    is from a term paper he didn't do yet he wants to be gitting true love from me plus you taper //
    your suits, I didn't know a boy can get a girl's wet tongue go yum yum and try for some //
    it's love and perspiration that keeps a hug in circulation go to the club in worrations dumb //
    to be caught alone

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    that mess wit my mind it’s a test of time best I climb up and never //
    Look back this is a shook act go to the book for facts got hot breasts //
    To be sucked but my dress not up plus I’m bless with butt so I rest //
    My case boys wanna finesse my lace my ears starting to clog I hear //
    Barking dogs oh no it’s them boys making noise one boy lost a sincere //
    Girl she took Back her love she prefer thugs best use a group of words //
    never Stoop to nerds my body got cute curves boys minds fly like birds //
    This a wet thrill and like GUY “Let’s Chill” a surprising trend how the rising //
    Wind blow up dust, my do-nut is thrust into the mouth of a boy recognizing //
    This lead to sex a unique attraction express complete action dress sweet //
    No subtraction from my style and boys go wild over that, even a parakeet //
    Would speak crazy if this sweet gravy was thrown in his mouth a chick no //
    Doubt and proud boys pick me out of a crowd because my booty round yo //
    A cutie brown and loco, quick fame with a nickname so fan the quick flames //
    When i strut butt, my lips and eyes hypnotize boys forget where they came //
    From i can name some that tripped out, I’m all chocolate and like a small //
    Rocket I take off because my cake is soft and off the hook so look yall //

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    remain dope with plain quotes can't trust sane folks lies //
    have wing and tries to cling on to your life need alibies //
    intensive aggression is like expensive questions no answers //
    to give, got true tasks so who asks about them Cinderella dancers? //
    a need to speed read to proceed to pass a course and get a straight A //
    because the hate today don't involve peace and the job never cease so hey //
    put on a thinking cap this stinking crap have to go grab a flow and write //
    got a phat plan here at hand about a social mystery and global history //
    a phenomenon fat food with common attitude could be an opportunity for misery //
    votes among folks which could choke hope of success and cause a mess among //
    the working class, make wise decisions through organized religion has hung //
    and surprised civilians, now this heat is felt like seatbelts yall click it //
    or get a ticket, my boss flow is like a crossbow shoot a heavy arrow to hit //
    very narrow targets, this trash is exciting like a flash of lightning leaving //
    jagged lines and ragged rhymes on cloud nine proud of mine while receiving //