Science and Technology : Increasing African-American inclusion in tech

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    On July 26, 1948, Missouri’s first and only president, Harry S. Truman, issued Executive Order 9981: an order that required “equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion or national origin.”

    Astonishingly, Executive Order 9981 was issued a decade-and-a-half before the momentous Civil Rights Act of 1964. Truman’s order was fiercely opposed by members of his own party, and by millions of Americans; in fact, Truman issued an executive order because he knew that a civil rights bill could not muster the hostilities of Congress. His decision was risky, and, ultimately, Truman’s pro civil-rights actions drove many Dixiecrats away from the Democratic Party. However, Truman understood that without healthy minority participation he could not guarantee the complete strength of the American armed forces.

    While Truman’s actions are best described as a civil rights approach, rather than a diversity initiative, his actions exemplify an esteemed organizational model: evenhandedness for the individual and soundness of the organization. Organizations benefit from full participation and diversity; whether in ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, etc. TECH2020 is an initiative of the Congressional Black Caucus that resolves to bring together the best minds in tech, non-profit, education and public sectors to increase African-American inclusion at all levels of the technology industry by the year 2020. As a task force member of TECH2020, it is clear to me that America’s respected tech industries could improve by simply following President Truman’s leadership.

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