Black People : >Inching Toward Insanity: Why Michael Vick is Not a Fascist

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    Inching Toward Insanity: Why Michael Vick is Not a Fascist
    >By Dave Zirin

    Inching Toward Insanity: Why Michael Vick is Not a Fascist

    Inching Toward Insanity: Why Michael Vick is Not a Fascist

    >The Vick Kick
    >[col. writ. 8/21/07] (c) '07 Mumia Abu-Jamal
    >NFL (National Football League) star, Michael Vick is the nation's
    >latest bete noir (French: Black beast).
    >The venom and hatred directed at him for his off-field dog fighting
    >connections is nothing short of remarkable.
    >Not since football great O. J. Simpson's murder trial, or perhaps
    >Mike Tyson's rape trial, have we witnessed such an outpouring of
    >If you think it's got nothing to do with who he is, rather than what
    >he is alleged to have done, then you're trippin'!
    >Vick signed a monster NFL contract several years ago that virtually
    >guaranteed him a lifetime of wealth.
    >All of that, not to mention other product endorsement deals, is up in
    >Don't get it twisted. I'm not suggesting, in the least, that hurting
    >animals is cool.
    >As a MOVE supporter, I recall the late Frank Africa (MOVE's
    >Naturalist Minister) telling me about seeing guys fighting pit bulls
    >in West Philly's Cobbs Creek Park. Frank would challenge them to
    >fight him instead of the dogs. (He didn't find a lot of takers).
    >Frank was martyred by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (and the
    >United States of America) on May 13th, 1985, along with 10 other men,
    >women and babies.
    >While we hear the sports world and the talk show pundits bay for
    >Vick's blood for dog fighting, it's important to remember that if
    >Vicks serves one day in jail that'll be one day more than the
    >bombers, snipers and baby-killers who massacred 11 people on Osage
    >Avenue in Philadelphia (Oh, yeah -- come to think of it, several dogs
    >were killed then, too!)
    >Football is the nations' weekly ritual of violence, where big guys
    >pummel other big guys, with the intent of crushing the opponent. it
    >was not for naught that an American president (and general!), Dwight
    >Eisenhower once said, "Sports are perfect for preparing young men for
    >In the hyper-world of talk and sports radio, few things elicit more
    >umbrage than the spectacle of a Black man, from an impoverished
    >background, coming into great wealth.
    >That athlete (or artist, for that matter) is expected to smile, never
    >address politics, and generally, shut up (especially regarding issues
    >of race!)
    >Implicit in the sports contract is an unwritten agreement to be what
    >one Black sportswriter called a 'million dollar slave.'
    >Because many Black athletes come from poverty, and communities where
    >life is cruel, brutish and short, they have acquired the tastes,
    >modes and habits of their environs. In the South (and North as well),
    >dog-fighting is not a rarity.
    >If he were Mexican-American, he may have enjoyed ****-fighting, or,
    >if or another ethnicity, perhaps bull-fighting.
    >But, such sociological observations have no place in the hot house of
    >media mouthpieces and hype artists.
    >I've seen more heat around Vick's treatment of dogs than American
    >soldiers treatment of Iraqis!
    >For Michael Vicks, for now -- the game is over.
    >--(c) '07 maj
    >*[Source: Zirin, Dave, What's My Name, Fool?: Sports and Resistance
    >in the United States. (Chi. Haymarket Books, 2005,), p.129.)