Chief Elder Osiris : Incapable Of Giving A Divine Opinion

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    Black People Are Incapable Of Giving A Divine Opinion About Ourselves Or anything Else That Is Of This World.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Have You ever notice Black People when attempting to give our opinion, our assessment of each other and of events that happen in the world that has a direct effect upon the lives of Black People and as well of other people in the World, it is as if the critical mental involvement of Black People is so programmed until you can almost predict the reaction coming from Black People about anything that we react to today.

    Therefore, by Black People being in such a controlled Mind set, every assessment and all of our opinion has already been subliminal planted in the information that we study and we reach a conclusion to be the fact of the matter being opined about by Black People.

    For instance, ask Black People what we Believe about somebody that is criticizing someone or something that we have grown irrational about and you will see a spirit being expressed by Black People that is so full of Vain Ego, Malice, and ignorantly arrogance, we not being interested in being objective in our assessment and opinion, everything that we do and react to, is so programmed to the point that Black People bring upon ourselves a level of predictability until there is no reason to wonder what Black people believe about each other, whom we disagree with, the script has already been programmed and the Mind is a calibration to be that of the Mind of our oppressors, meaning that there is no way the opinion of Black People carry any weigh in the company of Profound Creative Thinking And Divine Rational deduction, when responding to those action and events that contradict the belief of Black People, concerning the events of happening that come across our Lives.

    So it is the Low quality of Mind Black People have been fitted with, that give cause for Black People belief carry no power of influence in the world today, so how in the Black World can Black People opinion carry any influence among each other, when in fact we wear a Mind that breed conflict amongst Black People.

    You see, what cause Black People to be incapable of giving Divine Opinions about Black People Spirit, is the fact that Black People have been programmed Mentally to measure all that we believe about somebody and everything else, using a doctrine of Religion to support the opinion that we give about everything that we have been programmed to react to in these present Times.

    So to the Divine Creative Black Thinker, the opinion of most Believing Black People, do not carry any Divine Intelligent Weight with Profound Reasoning And Rational Thinking, so why should we care about what the Human Being Mind Believe about anything, and that caliber of Mind is now in use by Most all Black People, so why go to such a Mind for counsel, when you know the limitation of such a Mind and to what extent that Mind is infested with the vanity of Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, such principles being the Trinity Of Evil, a Triad that was used to bring down a once mighty Black Nation and you tell me that such a Mind should be given rank of high praise.

    Beloved, as long as Black People remain a prison victim of psychological degeneration, then the opinion and assessment done by Black Human Beings Mind, will be that of a Spirit that is in a caste of Lying and Deception, making Black People of being incapable of having a Divine Creative Thought and the absent of such a valuable Mind, make Black People incapable of giving advice that is worthy of being given Divine consideration.

    So in the world today, Black People Word is as useless as Wheat Chaff thrown into the Wind, incapable of getting any Divine traction in the Mind of the Divine Thinker, whose Divine Predicate is laid in the Universe and the knowledge in such a Divine Mind is the foundation of Harmony, Order, and balance coming from the action of a Divine mind and not the Human Being Mind.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So What Black People believe About All Things Today, It Mean Nothing In The Wake Of Black People condition and position In The World Today, beloved.

    It Is The Divine Mind That Get No Divine Respect From Black People, But The Lying And Deceiving Mind Of The pomtiff, Black people Throw Ourselves Before Him In A Prostrated Position and You Tell Me These Are Black people Whose Opinon Should be Of Value To Divine Black Minds?

    No Wonder The Black Nation Os In disarray And Afrika is Beyond Reconition Today!!!

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]