Black Poetry : In VIRGINIA BEACH devastated as a car accelerated toward me had to duck that's just bad luck a sad c

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    In VIRGINIA BEACH devastated as a car accelerated toward me
    had to duck that's just bad luck a sad corrupt situation to see
    the driver a survivor of reckless driving and arriving to have
    a word with me, wow that was close like butter play toast grabbed
    a handkerchief wipe my face, hyped mind in space my blood
    surged as he emerged with wrong words had strong nerves thug
    about to explode, wow she's a pretty chick a cutie with booty
    and stuff for a kiss no chance see I had piss in my pants duty
    was to now hide somehow tried to play it off her body stay
    soft in bed I cough and her lips red, took my cap off and say
    wait I put it down there so she couldn't see this could be pudding
    for me I think she figured it out do I be trashing bars there shouldn't
    passing cars but there are now this is BLACK HIP HOP I wouldn't
    panic and junk but my titanic is sunk so in nice words this ice berg
    along with my nerves has screwed me for real, can't express in verbs
    she has breasts and body curves, looked in her eyes shook over
    her pies I realize I was falling in love bet she's wet fun at home
    but gonna leave this one alone, now see a KOREAN CHICK alone
    where her man at? Skin is oriental yellow like butter the type clutter
    boys ears with moan and groans when you take them home must utter
    words that curve into eardrums, it's clear some will get a girl's panties
    wet I bet her boyfriend kiss her lips and touch her brisk hips candies
    are lolly pops, she's wet today and let her boyfriend getaway with
    a lot of hot stuff for real, KOREAN GIRLS are like that a swift gift
    now my mind drift time to lift her dress and sniff her breasts and adore
    ”SO BOO you almost hit me am I legit to be your boyfriend? Your
    hips shape round so you throw cake uptown you strut butt galore
    right at ACREDALE SADDLE that prevail to rattle my eyeballs it just
    pie yall have a desire to flirt and twerk it's booty work and must
    be seen INDIAN RIVER ROAD runs in front, the stories I tell
    are clever and the smell of leather throughout the store oh well
    KEMPSVILLE ROAD to the left with traffic cams that's a swell
    way to ticket folks and be wicked with jokes now I'm not an infidel
    just need a chick quick, apparatus is required to achieve status desired
    Dairy Queen ice cream behind here and my rhymes are clear I'm hired
    as a wordsmith wanna go to the beach get to know a peach in a swim suit
    With oriental thighs and sentimental eyes and residential pies so I salute
    girl you above the rim and cute you glow with perfume wanna go to your
    room I know a tune we can bump and grind to boo let me wine and dine you
    your rump is hot jump in the drop top let me give you a lift into town true
    menu is pound cake don't want to drown in your lake the way clowns do
    things could get chancy need a tutor for wisdom and a fancy computer system
    I kick it retired but how many tickets required to ride a jet with wings and rhythm
    fun days to land on runways between your thighs into the cream pie that you have
    boo just me and you having good time with hood rhyme would climb a hill to grab
    a breath of fresh air and suck your breasts in an affair so throw your panties in the air
    right here, I'm in a perfumed affair use brush to groom my hair so doom we're a pair
    rush to see that you had a crush on me so my thoughts mixed up like a confused duck
    may lose a buck and I cruise with the top up on my ride for real so I used luck
    grab minds post threads and become growth on bread like mold drive mac truck
    survive with facts corrupt have to back up sometime like the earth crack up
    like a drought have fun with script and run a ship like a navigator and bite
    like an alligator got hot style like a crocodile swim and attack at night
    go to sleep while your juice flow deep, Flames in my words but game
    was disturbed by a dang bulldozer” ” “NAW PLAYER I'm wet and
    witty boys wanna set up a committee to discuss KOREAN cake they plan
    to get some for real, wanna twist my pie and mystify my fate then take
    to your drop top and flop on the backseat listen to a whack beat and late
    night you try and get some huh? “OK I HAVE FUN at the park but a boy made
    one remark puzzle me he wanted to cuddle you see as a wet puddle laid
    in my panties but he don't know that his flow was phat forgot where
    I was at anyway has class galore right here at MT TRASHMORE beware
    of my emotions, a kiss cause love to happen boys pause to do rapping
    even SANTA CLAUSE strapping up for a date folks applause clapping
    a bag of toys and dew rag for boys, oh KOREAN GIRLS go through a lot
    look and listen on Harley's bought at SOUTHSIDE the WITCHDUCK SHOP
    “OK BOO as a gardener I stand took my female partner's hand look and went
    to picked tomatoes and dig potatoes shook the soil, muscles like CLARK KENT
    love talk rapture whirls as I capture girls seize lace and squeeze
    waist that please my taste, fell in love had to think then oh not a tease
    grabbed an ink pen and begin to write a love letter and now a hot breeze
    blow I sneezed oh and trees grow now boo you got some cute KOREA
    fruit down there juice is around everywhere so girl share be sincere
    girl you got cake I look then take a book to expand my mind with one
    hand behind my back be online with fact as we both fall in the bed for fun
    so darling I'm in the fog and like a snarling dog I bark up the wrong tree
    at home I be horny
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    this boy had game and itching he came into the kitchen can't blame the chicken
    for frying KENTUCKY FRIED as he makes a lucky stride toward the bedroom kicking
    verse in my ear his thirst appear to be serious his groove was clearer after he moved
    nearer survive with stats and confusion and arrive at conclusions, need a sweet boo
    to speak to because a weak crew can mislead you, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH and I'm down at REDBONE with my white bike and chick awight, so boo got a sick plan and a kick stand got boss hype and exhaust pipes but right now we're in CHESAPEAKE
    and this girl's breasts are sweet and her dress unique she's ride or die chick in a mini-skirt
    and pants, so boo I think I love you hips right lips a delight let me flip you pancakes tonight
    NAW PLAYER I know one boy got my pancakes he thought he was in IHOPP I try stop but he was going crazy yelling oh baby boo bring the syrup, I think he broke the bed I heard something crack for real and the headboard was jumping oh he was pumping getting
    some, oh the phat lips on my thing was so wet but no regrets so I was letting
    him have his way talking about a crazy marriage and a baby carriage now I got black sweaty thighs ears ready for lies because before the cake collision gonna have to make decisions