Black Authors : In The Name Of Love by Ashaki Boelter

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    Fiction / Romance / General
    Trade Paperback
    Publication Date: Apr-2005
    Price: $13.95
    Size: 6 x 9
    Author: Ashaki Boelter
    ISBN: 0-595-34462-3
    188 Pages

    Available from Ingram Book Group, Baker & Taylor, and from iUniverse, Inc

    To order call 1-800-AUTHORS or visit the following stores online: Barnes & Nobles, Alibris, Powells Bookstore, Borders, and other participating bookstores.

    About: A loser like his cousin Alley once was, Julius Stokes begins this sequel, released from prison with nothing more on his mind than gaming women. With the Three Strikes Law in effect, rejections by the new school of thugs, and God’s handling of his overflowing lust of women, Julius finally decides to hang up the game, get some church, and settle with one woman.

    Lavida Richard, Alley’s wife, has an old neighbor that is the perfect mate for Julius: Her name is Diane! However, Julius finds that settling with Diane unfortunately mixes him up directly with none other than… Robert Coltrane! That’s right, the self-proclaimed "Pimp of the World" and criminal nuisance to Alley and Lavida’s past returns with the most ridiculous idea to spoil and ruin everybody’s life.

    "Funny, witty, and outrageous. Boelter spins a yarn that will make you remember what a good laugh feels like!" -Kelly Holderby,

    In The Name Of Love is simply an over-the-counter prescription for depression and worldly letdowns- the most hip, humorous, and feel good family fiasco in the literary market of 2005! Poetry included!

    All-4-Love Series 2 of 3

    Part 1 of 3 in the series was introduced on this very site: Distant Lover, which is also available 13.95

    Heres the url to In The Name Of Love by Ashaki Boelter
    at Barnes&Nobles:

    Available now for just 13.95! Order your copies today
    Then come back up in here and talk some smack about the best work since Romeo and Ju... Even better than that mess.
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    thankz for the info ......sound interesting !