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    Studies have shown that phototherapy has been proven to be effective in the treatment of major depressive disorder.
    Oh whow!!! This is AWESOME!!!!
    How about In the name of afrotherapy I see the zeal, ridiculousness, wants, urge, desire, and needs for melanin
    I see multiple demands but limited nature supply
    in the sake of afrotherapy my people is conditioned to forget the middle passage
    now our men are conditioned to make nasty passes at the queens of antiquity
    How about in the hunger of afrotherapy the flesh and bones of my ancestors were used for shoes and gunpowder
    I’m regurgitating all the metabolic waste you feed my ancestors just in the name of afrotherapy
    We are conditioned to sleep to unfold our worries
    See I recall nature shows that only the few are chosen
    Yes only the few are kissed by the sun
    Only the citizens of Zion are bath in melanin
    Only the people of the hueman family can enjoy the essence of this sweet melanin
    I see the animosity, anger and oppression that my people go thru to fulfill your curiosity
    I see all eyez on us
    I see vampires willing to suck every melanin out of my people
    I see Babylon wiping a whole race out with debilitating diseases
    I feel the multiple wipes my ancestors received with the intent to be demelaninated someday
    See Babylon is exhibiting symptoms of depression
    Depression inducing psychosis in the name of afrotherapy
    So studies now show Phototherapy to treat depression
    They wanted afrotherapy to cure their mutation
    Afrotherapy to embrace their albino race
    Phototherapy to blend in those freckles and diffuse spots
    Afrotherapy to stimulate those lips
    Buns and steels to enhance that flat musculature they call ***
    Now they spoil and brainwash our men so they can have that inner afro-sexsitivity
    They crave that black **** all over their mucosa
    They suck every nutrient out that chrome hoping it will leave some stains on their lips
    See when you put color to anything white---you get something of color right?
    So they continue to condition themselves to be people of color
    Phototherapy to be temporary citizens of color
    Phototherapy to imitate our divine characteristics
    Phototherapy to conceptualize your albinism with color
    Depressed from their mutated, militated, x-rayed phenotypes
    Zion’s says only the hueman race is chosen
    Watch out now!!!!! Babylon is tryna figure out a way to oppress my people
    We are oppress for being blessed by the mother of antiquity
    We are enslaved for our divine trait
    Our men are incarcerated to extinct our race
    See, only the chosen ones can fulfill and embark this journey
    Only the children of antiquity is chosen
    Land and water can only separate us physically
    But the melanin jump-off will always reign in the “hueman family”
    So all others keep out!!!!
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