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    Blacks and Jews in the Bible

    Jewish history begins in Egypt in the Bible.

    Abraham changed his name to signify a solidarity with the ancient Egyptians (Genesis 17:5). His original name was Abram. Abraham in Egyptian means “heart of the majesty of Ra”. Ham meant “Black mud land” in Egypt (Psalm 105: 27). The Egyptians named themselves after the Nile river that provided black soil for their agriculture.

    I’ve read that Jacob changed his name to Israel (Gen 32:28). Israel is a combination of three names: Isis, RA and El. Isis was connented to sacred water, RA the sun and El meant mighty sun in Egypt. Elohim meant the “most high” Psalms 73:11 also in Egypt.

    The Jewish history have another version. EL in Hebrew is a short form of Elohim [God]
    Elohim is also used for pagan gods exodus 12:12.

    Ysrael (Israel means ‘Elohim [God] rules’, which is the same title given to the ruling Pharaoh of Egypt. Is it a coincidence that Jacob/Israel became the second highest official in Egypt after the Pharaoh. In total context from all the information given I would have to conclude that the very name Israel is Egyptian in origin.

    Jerusalem was founded by a black tribe. And before the Exodus the Egyptian military occupied it. Durning Herod’s time many Egyptians, Arabs lived there in large numbers as Strabo reports.So it appears Blacks, Jews and Arabs were able to live among each other in peace until the Romans came in and started their divide and conquer tactics. If they were able to live in peace in ancient times why can’t they now?

    By Andre Austin