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    Andre Austin is a 31-year-old African-American writer coming out of Jackson, Michigan; the so called birthplace where Republicans officially adopted their name in 1854.I’m not overjoyed about this which will become transparent in this fictional story.

    I have two unpublished books out here in the literary world: Christianity On Trial and Unpopular Essays. Also not to forget my collection of poems: My Poemology.

    Andy Tall wants to be a politician so he can weed out all of the corruption in City Hall. Judge Black Robes and Sheriff Hog are doing everything they can to prevent it. Lisa Butter, Andy’s girlfriend, is seduced by Judge Black Robe to set up Andy. But the tables are turned and Andy poisons Lisa’s golden ring given to her as a pledge to marry her. Read on to find out what happens to the other partners in crime.

    In the Interest of Justice is a 13 page 4,000-word short story that would be considered in between a fable and short play. The play begins and opens up with the theme song/poem that directly relates to the many twists and turns in the story.

    No body is safe. The suspense and mystery is unending. This is the type of story you will want to read over again and recommend to your friends.

    I thank you for your considerations,

    Andre Austin
    218 E. Robinson St
    Jackson, Michigan 49203
    (517) 402-1320

    In the interest of Justice

    I say why must black robes unbalance law books ?
    Putting truth on a face of a lying crook
    Maat will have you for this on his sharp hook
    Hindsight corrupted by Bias thinking & good looks

    Backwards justice shall not prevail with sense
    The offence was really the defense
    I sent a prayer on a smoke of incense
    God answers the calls of any ones innocence

    The smoke went up to the sky
    And God just asked you why
    Why did you harm this guy?
    Wrong answer given with no reply

    Behold I see a Black horse
    Can you follow my code morse
    The rider said of course
    Balance in his hands for all the worse

    The scales of justice are not for sell
    Your severed head tipped the scales *, it swells
    Your burnt skin in the underworld smells
    Forever you lie in waste in hell

    * “The Lord abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are his delight” Prov 11: 1

    Cast Of Characters:
    Produced: March 2001
    Andy Tall: Aspiring political office seeker
    Lisa Butter: Kleptomaniac and girlfriend of Andy
    Sheriff Hog: Corrupt Police official
    Judge Black Robe: Corrupt Judge
    Seth Parker: Dope dealer
    Secretary Susan: Works at Police Department
    Kim Scoop: News reporter
    Tim: News reporter
    Roxanne: Nightclub dancer
    Jim: Owner of the Foxy Lady bar
    Deputy Dog: Police officer
    High Society: Corrupt School Board member
    Becky: Assistant to Judge Black
    Tina: Nurse and former girlfriend of Andy

    SCENE 1

    Moderator: Scene 1 begins in the basement of Sheriff Hog’s house

    Sheriff Hog: We have got to do something about Andy Tall. He’s gaining too much influence. He must be stopped in his tracks.

    Deputy Dog: I agree we can’t allow him to be elected to the Board of Water & Light.

    Judge Black Robe: Yes. I agree. He will expose all of our corruption going on.

    High society: Plus he will probably run against me again for the school board position next year. Andy will use the office of Board and Light as a catapult to get on the school board.

    Sheriff Hog: If he ever gets elected on the school board he will wake up the masses with his revolutionary teachings on history. We must find a weak spot in his life. His new girlfriend is going to court for stealing clothes at Target. If we offer to let her off these two cases perhaps we can get her to lie on him. Deputy Dog I will assign you to the case of getting Andy’s girlfriend Lisa to trap him up in a crime.

    Inside the courtroom

    Moderator: As Lisa passes through the metal detector Deputy dog spots her going near the elevator. Within the nick of time before the door closes Deputy dogs jumps in. They are alone inside the elevator.

    Deputy Dog: Hi how are you doing young lady.

    Lisa: Not good I’m facing two counts of stealing clothes from Target.

    Deputy Dog: What did you steal?

    Lisa: Well last December they caught me on videotape stealing some perfume. They were unable to catch me because my sister who works in the store told them I went one direction while I snuck out the backdoor. They didn’t know we were sisters. I thought I was slick so I went there again a month later. They caught me again on videotape in the dressing room stealing some pink playgirl panties.

    Deputy Dog: Well you know I’m good friends with the judge. I could put a word in for you.

    Lisa: Could you do that?

    Deputy Dog: Yes but I want you to do me a favor.

    Lisa: And what’s that.

    Deputy Dog: I understand you have a fairly recent boyfriend. Andy? I think his name is.

    Lisa: What about Andy. Just what is it you want me to do.

    Deputy Dog: We want you to set him up with preferably a felony. Now we are not trying to put him in prison. We just want to destroy his reputation so he can’t run for office anymore.

    Lisa: I don’t think so. Andy has been real good to me. He gives me money buy things for my son. Plus I’m starting to kind of love him.

    Deputy Dog: Well it’s your decision, but if you change your mind here’s my card. Give me a call anytime, any day.

    Lisa enters the courtroom of Judge Black robe dressed in all white. She has on a white T-shirt with a picture of Tweedy bird. Her all silk white sweats pains reveals the image of her panties whenever she bends over or reach her hands above her head. As she walks in Judge Black robe mouths begins to salivate and is unable to control his eyes from his lustful stares.

    Judge Black Robe: Case number 98-00876. The People Vs Lisa Butter. Lisa Your being charged with stealing two items from Target. How do you plea.

    Lisa: Innocent.

    Judge Black Robe: Are you serious its all on videotape.

    Lisa: And that’s part of the problem your honor.

    Judge Black Robe: Please explain Ms. Butter

    Lisa: Well first of all taping me was a violation of my privacy rights. And when the security guards took me back in the office they started humiliating me. They showed the tape of me undressing butt naked in the dressing room. They froze the frame where my pubic hair was displayed the most prominently revealing position. Then they had the nerve to print a copy of it out on their printer. I was crying always down the ride to the police department.

    Judge Black Robe: Well that makes a big difference.

    Moderator: The Judge then waves his hand for Lisa to approach the bench. He writes a note on a piece of paper. “I will dismiss the charges if you have sex with me. Plus I will give you $ 600.00 dollars. Call me on my cell phone at 357-9874 at 1am tonight”. Lisa nodded her head in agreement.

    At Motel Six. Lisa called the Judge according to their plans. The judge picked her up a few houses down from her sister’s house. The Judge knows this is the girl Deputy Dog was trying to get to snitch on Andy. The Judge felt that by having a personal relationship with Lisa would be their ace in the hole.

    Judge Black Robe: Hey I bought some wine you wanna glass?

    Lisa: Sure

    Moderator: Its been an hour and they are now on their second bottle of Bolla wine. Bolla is imported from France.

    Judge Black Robe: Man you are so good looking. Here lets get on the bed.

    Lisa: You look good too. I never did it to a judge before. Don’t leaving me hanging. Do me some justice now.

    Moderator: The bed is making noise for about 30 minutes.

    Judge Black Robe: God **** now that was some good sex. I haven’t did it like that in a long time. I think I want to do this again next week.

    Lisa: Me too. But next time its free. You don’t have to pay. I’m starting to like you.

    Judge: But I thought you had a boyfriend?

    Lisa: And I thought you were married?

    Judge: I’m married but no longer in love.

    Lisa: Andy’s a good person and all but he doesn’t make enough money. Us women you now have to be concerned about our welfare. I have a child to take care of. He helps me out and everything. But he can only do so much.

    Judge: Well we have each other.

    Lisa: But what about Andy.

    Judge: He’s history. I want him out of the picture.

    Lisa: And how do we do this?

    Judge: I got an idea I’m working on. Come up to my courtroom Friday at 8am. Come knock on the door that leads to my private chambers. Becky will let you in.

    Its Thursday inside Judge Black robe Chambers.

    Judge: Hello is Sheriff Hog there

    Secretary Susan: One moment please. Sheriff Hog line 4 please its Judge Black Robe.

    Sheriff Hog: Whats up Judge how are we doing.

    Judge: Just fine. Hey you know I got an idea about trapping up Andy.

    Sheriff Hog: I got deputy dog on it.

    Judge: Well he failed the first time and I got Lisa already willing to entrap Andy. Now all you have to do is get Deputy dog to go inside the evidence room and pick up a pound of cocaine and bring it to my office before I leave at five.

    Sheriff Hog: Now your talking business consider it done.

    Judge: See you later Sheriff

    Sheriff Hog: Okay bye.

    Moderator: Sheriff Hog steps outside his office to tell his secretary to dispatch Deputy Dog to come to his office. Secretary Susan nervously puts a tape inside her file cabinet.

    Secretary Susan: Yes Sheriff I will get a hold of him. Dispatch to car 54.

    Deputy Dog: This is car 54.

    Secretary Susan: Report back to headquarters. Sheriff Hog would like to see you.

    Deputy Dog: 10:4. I’m on my way.

    Moderator: Sheriff Hog runs down the Judges plan to Deputy Dog. Deputy Dog goes down to the evidence room and picks up a pound of coke. He delivers to the Judge’s chamber Thursday night. Judge Black Robe hides the dope inside a hollow Law book until he meets up with Lisa.

    Friday mourning inside the Judges Chamber

    Judge: Hi Lisa. You’re right on time. I got a trial that starts at 8:15 so I will talk fast. This is some dope we want you to plant on Andy. On Saturday night the police department will get a phone call from an unknown person stating Andy’s got dope. Because you guys live together make sure you plant it in a location where we can put the finger on him.

    Lisa: Okay I hope this all works out then we can focus more on our relationship like getting a divorce from your wife.

    Judge: Now I don’t have time to be discussing this. You know I love you but everything takes time. I can’t snap my finger and then be divorce.

    Lisa: Okay I’m sorry. Give me the package.

    At Andy’s house

    Lisa: Hi honey how you doing?

    Andy: I’m fine. You know tonight me and the other guys from the office are going to the “Foxy Ladies”.

    Moderator: The Foxy Lady is a hang out where all the poets, Jazz singers and Playwright attend.

    Andy: Are you coming with me?

    Lisa: I’m sorry I already promised I would baby-sit for my sister. He’s going out of town for a wedding. She will not be back until Sunday. I will be spending the night over her house because I don’t want her five kids messing up our carpet and furniture.

    Andy: Okay that sounds fine.

    Moderator: Lisa goes inside the bedroom while Andy is taking a shower. He places the pound of dope inside Andy’s red suit. She knows Andy only wears his red suit on special occasions. Exits the house telling her boyfriend Andy she is going over her sister’s house.

    Andy: Okay Lisa see you in a couple of days.

    Lisa: Okay.

    Andy: That shower felt good. What shall I wear to the Foxy lady? Well I guess I will put on my blue suit. What is this that’s weighing down my red suit? I take special care of my favorite red suit. I don’t normally leave anything inside my pockets. ****! What the hell is this? This is some drug. Somebody’s trying to set me up. Lisa couldn’t of bought this because she couldn’t afford it. I bet it was that ***** High society. She’s trying to set me up so I can’t run against her anymore on the school board. Her family members all on crack anyhow. She needs to be thrown out of office. All she does is award schools contracts of food and school supplies to her friends. After her friends are awarded the contract they kick back money under the table to her. This is why our kids can’t learn cause people are busy trying to make money off of kids instead of teaching kids.

    Moderator: The phone rings

    Andy: Hello

    Secretary Susan: Mr. Andy Tall

    Andy: Yes its me

    Secretary: My name is Susan and I work down at the police department. I secretly recorded a phone conversation between Judge Black Robe and Sheriff Hog. They are planning on setting you up. Normally I don’t get involved but I’ve been reading your articles in the newspaper over the years and I know you have a good heart.

    Andy: Why don’t you come over my house with the tape?

    Secretary: Okay I will be over there in ten minutes.

    Andy: Okay

    Moderator Susan enters Andy’s house with the tape.

    Andy: Thank you very much for helping me out.

    Secretary: I’m doing it all in the interest of Justice.

    Andy: Would you know if this dope was for a pending case?

    Secretary: Well it probably is because they don’t keep dope around on convicted cases. They are supposed to burn the evidence. But the majority of the marijuana is burnt in the lungs of these officers. I could look on my laptop and find out where that pound of coke came from.

    Andy: Please do that for me.

    Secretary: I will be right back I have to go inside my car to get my computer.

    Andy: Okay.

    Secretary: Well it appears that this dope was taken from Seth Parker. He goes to trial next month.

    Andy: You know that tells me a lot.

    Secretary: What’s that

    Andy: I don’t think they were trying to put me in Jail. I just think they wanted to smear some mud on me to make it appear I was guilty. And to leave doubt as to my innocence or guilt without a trial. They probably were going to say they lost the evidence while they switch back the dope on Seth trial.

    Secretary: **** your pretty smart. This is why I’m voting for you on the board of water and light and on the school board if you run again.

    Andy: Thank you. If it were more honest people like you this world would be much better.

    Secretary: Speaking of honesty. I got some more bad news for you.

    Andy: Bad news?

    Secretary: Its your girlfriend

    Andy: Lisa

    Secretary: Yes she in on it to. I had to drop some evidence off at the courtroom and I saw her coming out his private chambers. I also checked up on her criminal record. She had two retail fraud charges dropped against her. Judge Black Robe dismissed the charges even though Target had videotape.

    Andy: This might explain why her sexual desires have changed on me all of a sudden. She used to want it every night.

    Secretary: That should have been a warning sign

    Andy: your right but I’m going to give them a taste of their own medicine. Thanks a lot. I’m going to go on as if nothing happened. I have to get dressed and go down to the Foxy Lady’s like I was planning on to. I will talk to you soon.

    Secretary: Take care.

    Dancing at the Foxy Lady. Andy took the package of dope with him and hid it up inside the bathroom ceiling. He’s dancing with Roxanne like everything is everything.

    Andy: Hey Jim give me a glass of Gin and Juice.

    Jim: Sure thing Andy

    Moderator: Andy takes out his cell phone.

    Andy: Hello Seth. This is Andy Tall how are you doing

    Seth: Man what the **** you want. How did you get my number?

    Andy: Don’t worry about it. Before you get ahead of yourself they tell you something. Would you like to get off of that dope case?

    Seth Hell yeah.

    Andy: Well they got you evidence against you because the dope was taken out of the evidence room. I know where the dope is. If you kill Judge Black Robe I will tell you where its at and you’re off the hook and got your dope back. I think this will put you back in business. So do we have a deal?

    Seth: Speak no more consider it done.

    Moderator: It’s almost 2am the club is closing. Andy’s driving drunk to his house. He crashes on the couch.


    Its Saturday mourning police broke down the door. Guns are pointed at Andy.

    Police Officer: Freeze God **** it don’t you move. Scotty bring in the K9 drug snuffers.

    Moderator: As the Police dogs come in CWN news come right after them with their lights and video cameras. The police dogs are unable to locate any dope. The late night news is on live.

    Kim Scoop. Hi this is Kim Scoop reporting live from the home of Andy Tall. Apparently Mr. Tall has become the victim of a prank phone call to the 911 dispatch. A call was received this mourning Claiming Mr. Tall had dope in his house. Absolutely no dope was found. Back to you Tim.

    Tim: Thanks Kim. Well there you have it. It appears to me Sheriff Hog owes Andy Tall an apology. Wait a minute we have some breaking news. Its just been reported that Judge Black Robe has shot himself in the Mouth. Yes Judge Black has shot himself. He’s being rushed to Fleece Hospital as I speak. He’s in critical condition.

    Moderator: Going back in time to Judge Black Robe House. Seth and the Judge are in the basement.

    Seth: Shut up mother F. I said shut up. Now you got a choice shoot yourself and I will let your wife and kids live. Write this note down on a piece of paper. “I can’t go on living anymore. I can’t live with myself for what I done to my wife and all those innocent people I sent to Prison.

    Moderator: Back at Andy’s house.

    Kim Scoop. Mr. Tall how does it feel to be the victim of a crank call?

    Andy: Well I’m just glad that the lord was watching over me.

    Moderator: Andy looks in the camera

    Andy: Hi mom Hi dad. I’m all right. I’m fine.

    Kim Scoop: Mr. Tall are you still planning on running for office.

    Andy: Why sure. I don’t see why not. I’m dedicated to serving the needs and interest of justice to the people.

    Kim Scoop: Thank you very much.

    Andy: no thank you for having the cameras here proving I did nothing wrong.

    Moderator: Lisa comes running in the house screaming, “oh Andy are you alright”

    Lisa: I heard what happened on the news. The police officers didn’t rough you up did they?

    Andy: No I’m fine.

    Lisa: Somebody is trying to set you up. Who could want to hurt you?

    Andy: I don’t know your guess is as good as mine. Did you hear about the Judge?

    Lisa: Yes I heard the report. So what happened?

    Andy: I really don’t know. All I know is that I got drunk at the club. But before I went to the club I dropped a couple of suits at the Dry cleaners. I told them to machine wash my clothes then Dry clean them up because I wanted to look sharp at the Next weeks Newspaper fund raiser to buy books for needy kids. That reminds me I have to go pick up my suit. You stay here Lisa I will be right back.

    Lisa: okay honey don’t be long.

    Andy: I will not.

    Moderator: Andy’s talking to himself as he is driving in his car.

    Andy: ****. I got that ***** fooled. She thinks the dope got destroyed at the laundry mat. I better go pick up my clothes and then go to the hospital to inquire about Judge Black.

    Moderator: Andy has an ex girlfriend Tina who works at Fleece Hospital.


    At the Hospital

    Andy: Hi Tina how you doing?

    Tina: Fine. I haven’t seen you in a long time.

    Andy: Yeah I know I’ve been busy baby. Hey you think you can do me a favor.

    Tina: Sure thing

    Andy: Look up Judge Black records and tell me how he’s doing.

    Tina: Well the computer says that he will be fine. He was in critical condition but his health has improved. The bullet bounced off his big 4x4 head.

    Andy: Well I have to run. I will get back with you later.

    Tina: Okay. Stay out of trouble.

    Andy: I will


    Moderator: Andy’s in his Blue dodge diplomat calling Seth on the phone.

    Andy: I guess if I want a job done I guess I will have to do it my **** self.

    Seth: I thought he was dead man. Blood was all over the place. I had to hurry up and get out of there before his family came running down stairs after they heard the gunshots.

    Andy: Don’t worry about a thing. My deal with you is still on. I will handle things from here on. I will give you a call and let you know where its at.

    Seth: All right I’m out.

    Back at Andy’s house

    Andy: Hi honey I’m home.

    Lisa: Hi

    Andy: Hey I got a surprise for you.

    Lisa: What is it?

    Andy: Open it up and take a look.

    Lisa: Andy you didn’t have to do this. It’s a very lovely ring.

    Moderator: Little did Lisa know that the golden ring with a diamond at the center had poison on the inside of it? Wax was melted to keep the poison in place. But once a person wore it their body heat would melt the wax allowing the poison to enter into their body.

    Andy: Lisa I want you to marry me. I love you and I want you to live with me for the rest of our lives.

    Lisa: Don’t you think the timing is off? I mean the police were just in here this mourning.

    Andy: I was going to ask you to marry me today. I had it all planed. Why should I allow some nut caller to mess up my plans?
    Lisa: Well let me try it on. Let me see if it fits. This is a very nice ring. It fits perfect on my finger as if it was made just for me.

    Andy: Believe me it was.

    Moderator: Lisa dies 7 days later after having worn the golden ring with a diamond in the center. The corner rules it a suicide. The police question Andy about the matter. Andy tells them that he bought her a ring and were to get married. Sheriff Hog thought something was fishy but didn’t press the issue. He didn’t want the press to make a fool of him again so he closed the matter and accepted the autopsy results. Another month passes by and Judge Black Robe and back on the job.

    Its 1 am Andy’s sneaking in the courtroom with his partner Jeff. Jeff was a bomb expert in the marines.

    Andy: Be quiet now. We don’t want to wake up the inmates. You know they live next door to the courtroom.

    Jeff: right.

    Andy: That was good electronics skills you have in by passing the alarm system.

    Jeff: Thanks. We are not going to use the elevators. We are just going to have to walk up to the fifth floor were Judge Black Robe courtroom is.

    Andy: Okay

    Jeff: Okay we are in his courtroom. Where do you want me to put the plastic bomb material?

    Andy: Well lets see. I want you to put it inside his gavel. So when he hits it to symbolically administer justice it will be his poetic justice.

    Jeff: Very good then.

    Moderator: The next day Judge Black did use his gavel. He hit it in anger because a defendant wouldn’t close his mouth. After he hit the gavel with his mallet his right arm tore up into a thousands pieces. His head blew off at the impact of the bomb and flew up in the air and landed on a bronze statue of a blind folded woman holding up scales of balance. Judge Black head ended up on the left side of one of the scales of justice.

    Events didn’t turn out good for Sheriff Hog either. He lost his bid for reelection after his opponent hammered him for being incompetent for losing trial evidence out of his evidence storage room.

    Andy Tall was eventually elected to the Board of Water & Light and beat High society for a seat in the local school board.

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    justice served ...........loved this story mo mo mo !!!
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    a wonderful entertaining
    way to spend my lunch
    yes ..would love
    to read more
    thank you for sharing
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