Brother AACOOLDRE : In the Intrest of Justice Part 2

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    By Andre Austin

    I’am my brothers/sisters (Gen 4:9) keeper should be the platform of every man/woman of the race, and this creed should atone, cleanse and exalt the selfish, one dimensional selfish and petty personal aims into a noble and sacred plan of redemption. We need unselfish souls to deal with true solutions for miserable problems.

    “For everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus” (Philipians 2:21).

    What is JC’s Interest? Love. Love extends outside the family to your next door neighbor to a fallen soul on the street gutter. The second commandment separated lovers from haters with the codification of its laws. Love is not detached emotion but service orientated to help political, social and economic conditions. Look at the private organization Big Brother & Big Sisters a reflection of love of adults to help kids who are not part of their own family. This is a prized dedication of not making your volunteers efforts for self but for others Too bad too few black males participate.

    Brothers keeper comes from Cain killing Abel in (Gen 4:9). The original story came from Egyptian priests of Cain (Set) killing Abel (Osiris). They left out the story of Isis bringing back the cut up Osiris back to life. Isis stuck by her husband to the death and didn’t replace him but reconnect his body back to life. This is a metaphor for the black woman to be like Isis, (Not Cleopatra), to stick by her man who is cut up and divided within the prison industrial complex system. Cleopatra thought she was the image of Isis but she failed because she switched her love and political alliance with foreign enemies=Rome, the City that sat on 7 hills. Where Nero was considered 666.

    We must develop a secular language to reflect a spiritual perspective. For example the Criminal Justice System defines a principle stated in Blacks law dictionary:

    Parens Patriae meaning the government takes the interest of a child when biological parents are unable or unwilling to care for children. Fundamentalist Christians view this as evil because a private organization isn’t profiting from the misery of the breakdown of the black family due to racism and wanting to cut up and divide the Blackman (Osiris)

    Big Brothers Big Sisters is looked upon with approval because its private

    What is your interest? Is it for the community or just for yourself?